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|||| Hyosung GT250 Comet |||

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Hi all, i know i ask a lot of quiestions about bikes but here is another one :D

    Im looking for my first bike still, was sticking to the main brands (honda, kawasaki etc) but i am wondering about hyosung, are they any good, popular, reliable?

    One particular bike the 250 comet caught my eye, does anyone in this forum own one or know about this bike. Its a V2 and its cheap, sounds good to me!

    Any help here would be had :D
  2. If you're in NSW or a state with LAMS laws, why don't you consider the 650 model. It is learner legal and when you get your full licence, it costs $139.00 to re-jet the carbies and it becomes a full-house 650, which you can keep for longer. Other wise a 250 becomes a fairly expensive proposition because once you've finished your limited licence period, you lose money selling it to buy something bigger. Go to a Hyosung dealer and ask if you can ride one, anyway.
  3. Hyosung is getting a bit of bad press in here from some brand-name nazis, but it's a good, solid brand who are backing their products well and are only likely to get better.

    Talking to a dealer the other day and he said they had a small problem with a footpeg hanger and that they had mentioned this to the factory people in a regular report and that, a couple of months later a bulletin appeared saying the the footpeg hanger had been re-designed and would be retro-fitted at their expense.

    Can't say they're not trying to back their product.

    Build quality was a little "iffy" early on, but is improving all the time, according to media reports.

    Of course, re-sale is going to be an issue, but, if you buy the 650, you won't have to worry about that for a long time!!!
  4. I live in SA. I dont think we have LAMS. And nor do I thik we have a hyousug dealer!
  5. So, you are stuck with 250 or nothing? rats!!
    I wouldn't be buying a bike which I couldn't get serviced locally, so maybe you should scratch the Hyosung and look to one of the more traditional brands.
  6. Hyosung share a lot of parts with Suzuki, so they shouldn't be to expensive to maintain.
  7. Shouldn't that be Hyosung copied a lot of parts from Suzuki? :p
  8. So no one actually OWNS a hyosung then?
  9. I was under the impression that Hyosung actually make those parts for Suzuki. :? Of course I could be wrong. It's happened before.
  10. All your questions answered here; http://www.hyosung.com/eng/index.jsp
    Also here; http://www.bikez.com/brand/index.php?brand=22
    Do not underestimate the Koreans; they are the Japanese of the noughties! Most Korean companies like Hyosung and Samsung manufacture more stuff with OTHER PEOPLE'S brand names on them than they do with their own (Most of Dell's notebooks are 100% Samsung under the badges, etc)
    Check out their financial statement and their annual report!
    I should add one more interesting fact; in the five days I spent in South Korea in late '03, I only saw 6 motorcycles, and they were all moped-type devices. Fascinating.
  11. Nup - you are correct. Most of Suzy's small AG bike are made wholely by Hyosung. And ALOT of compontents for their bigger bikes are made by Hyosung as well. I saw an intersting Doco on telly the other week, regarding the Koreans. In the last 20yrs, they've basically gone from Rice farmers to just overtaking Japan and many fields of Manufacturing. This Doco was specifically on their ship yards, now the biggest in the world (by a long shot BTW). And dont think its due to cheap labour. The average shipyard worker earns US$75k a year. Not bad huh? How does it work so well? The head honcho (Daewoo in this case - yes you can buy a $75Mil Daewoo Freight Liner) only earns about US$200k a year. So unlike virtually all capitalist countries, the profit isnt being sucked by the top dogs, it goes back into the company :)
    Anyways, although, in theory, Hyosung is the Hyundai of the Bike market, there is a reason Hyundai sells a bilzillion car every year. Their Build quality is adequate, and always improving quickly (have you seen a top level Sonata lately?) Their Service is good, and the resale is getting better.
  12. Well written, Lurch
    I saw that doco myself. Amazing stuff.
    Yes, the Hyundai of bikes is a good description.
    Those of us with long memories will remember that the Japanese started out in exactly the same way and look where THEY are now!!!
    AND, the shipyard workers earn $75k per year, for what is basically a skilled labouring job!
  13. ive heard good things though ive never ridden one.
  14. I understand from talking to my local Hyosung dealer that Ducati are not that impressed with the styling of the new 650. Something about being a little too much like the 900!!

    (in fact, there was talk of a lawsuit at ones stage, I hear!!)
  15. Owen, I own a Hyosung Aquila, the cruiser version of what your looking at. It's a 2002 model, and yes I had a few problems early, but Hyosung Australia dealt with them very quickly and efficiently.
    It has been very reliable and performs extremely well. The motor is very strong, and with a simple rejetting of the carby, performance is greatly improved.
    I have ridden the Comet and found it to be good bike.
    Hyosung started out manufacturing Suzuki bikes for mainland Asia, and gradually grew their technology to the point where they felt they should become their own master, and sell under their own name. One feature, that most equivalent V twin 250's don't have, is four valve heads. They also have a range of after market add ons available.

  16. Well, there you go, from the horse's mouth so to speak.

    It would be a grave mistake to under-estimate the Koreans. When the Iraquis welched on their overseas debts a few years ago, Hyundai WROTE OFF a 2 billion dollar (US) debt!!!

    They said it would hurt but that they could absorb it due to expansion in other areas!!!
  17. Hyosung actually helped Suzuki with the development of the v-twin for the SV650 then "just happened" to develop a bike with virtually the same styling and engine for themselves.