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Hyosung GT 250 & 650, anyone here have one? your thought

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GreenNinja, May 31, 2007.

  1. Thinking of purchasing a new bike, the Hyosung GT 250 & 650, anyone here have one? your thoughts?

    and how easy is it to remove the restrictors (or sliders if thats what they are called?)on d GT650?
  2. yeh its just a carb slide
  3. zxr getting you down?
  4. Both the GT250R & GT65R's are great value for money bikes.
    The GT650R being the better, as if you need to have a restricted one, you can then derestrict it once you have your full licence. I think it's almost double the power.

    I have a normal (full strength) 07 GT650R & find that its a great alround bike. Good for commuting & great for a twisty road blast.
  5. SOLD IT! lol

    so that's a yes
  6. as I've said in a previous post, If you get one get a new one, a pre 2007 is just not worth the risk.
  7. I've heard them being described as the huyandai of the bike world, they look good but are prone to desintegrating while riding.
  8. gearbox problems seem to be main thing getting them down at the moment. the early ones used to have failure in the conrod bearings.
    if you buy new, it doesnt matter, the warrenty covers after a bit of arguing from the manufacturer which happens from time to time.
    not a bad bike to ride, nice and stable. adult portions of torque. you can add the cost of new tyres and brake pads straight away when you purchase new. they stop ok, but will skid not stoppie. mid corner you need to get it right otherwise they will biatch about weight transfere.
    good learners bike if you like your steep learning curves. a jap bike by in large stops and handels much better. you get what you pay for. if you take the slides out, and the surveyor spots it in the event of a crash, you are stuffed.

  9. Yep thats the best discription for them......

    Deciding between the CBR250RR and the Hyosungs......

    Most bike reviews on the Hyosung (GT series) are positive, but then again they ride the bike for one day...... and pretty much test it's riding comfort, handling and speed aswell as other things.

    They don't test its reliability.
  10. i would do a lot more research by those that knock the hyo brand first they are not jap bikes as alot of people in other threads have led others to believe also they are in fact becoming the number one selling bike this is based on research not biasism (is that a word)? also if you have a full lisence then derestricting will not void any warranties or insurance polisies
    and here is a link to someone who has done it
    also they are well balanced dont know about the gts refering to gvs stop perfectly and i believe that if you buy new then you can swindle the dealer to provide the carb slides at no cost
    so far i believe that those that dont like them are either ill informed or jealous and afraid of change
  11. Or they actually own one and are tying save the OP from a world of problems.
  12. i concur
  13. Yawn this freaken debate again, OK you can search for my responses but here it is sumarised.

    1: 29,000kms
    2: 2005 model
    3: GT2560 naked
    4: Commute everyday 120kms
    5: Replaced clutch cablechain and sprockets, and brake pads x 2
    6: Boot got stuck, fixed in 10 minutes
    7: Comfy to ride
    8: Now do own servicing - piece of piss

    Would I recomend it, yes. :roll:
  14. Yeah does get old

    1: 26,000kms
    2: 2005 model
    3: GT2560 naked
    4: Commute everyday 120kms
    5: Replaced rear shock failed @ 25000kms
    6: Engine failed @ 26000kms
    7: Comfy to ride
    8: Dealer serviced its entire life.

    Owned since mid March

    Costs to buy $4700
    Repair costs $4000

    Do the math.

    Would I recommend it??

    A new one maybe second hand never...
  15. I concur Matti ... YAWN!
  16. OK 650 not 250, was the engine replaced under the two year warranty??
  17. Not quite true. You still have to tell the RTA (or equiv) that the bike has been modded. With the resrictor slide in, it's registered as a "GT650L", with the normal slide in, it's registered as a "GT650". You can run into trouble if you've changed it and not amended the registration, full licence or not.

    For the record, apart from one major issue fixed under warranty, my GV650 is still hooning away nicely. :cool:
  18. Nope out of warranty. Should get it back this week. They've had it 10 wks.
  19. Only just out of warranty well that plain sucks, do they know what caused the engine failure?

    I also noticed you bought it from a wreckers, was it a wreck or had it been thrashed in a previous life?