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Hyosung First Service Cost

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ninja03, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. EYY guys bought a hyosung gt250r 6 months ago second hand off a mate. Had about 5000km on it and ive put about 2500 km on it (all up done 7500km). Only thing is i dont know the service history.

    Was planning on taking it down to a dealer this weekend to get it serviced before summer seeings i dont know the history. Ive never had it serviced since ive had it. Any idea what cost i will roughly be lookin at? its a fairly new bike....

    thanks guys

  2. put in your profile where your from, because people might no cheaper places near you.
  3. Im from East Doncaster in Melbourne. Im looking at a place in heidleberg who sell hyosungs
  4. Word on the street is to go to staffords. Hopefully Dougz will see this thread and give the whereabouts.
  5. AHH k how much did your first service cost ya?
  6. $280
  7. +1 go to Staffords
  8. Do you service them???

    I've just been putting a new engine in mine every 6000kms...

  9. well i paid 300bucks for my first service at procycles in hornsby NSW. just thought ill put that info in here. ALSO bikes going great good friendly people there :)
  10. Phew! Just found the thread. I see Seany has already given you the details :)