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Hyosung Fender Eliminator?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Nick250, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone
    So ive been looking around for a Fender Eliminator for a Hyosung GT250 2010 and finally i found one and for the price it looks fantastic. Just a few questions, since its coming from the states will the dimensions of an aussie licence plate fit? And has anyone bought from this website? such as is it safe?
    I hope this helps some people too, because i know there have been a few people looking for one for the 2010 Hyosung.
    Cheers Nick

  2. You got a link to the prod?

    Did you try bikebiz in Parra, ooc? They had heaps of eliminators for the Hyo when i bought mine and gave me some help with installing it.
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  4. I've ordered one too. Let me know how you get on.
  5. can you guys post photos when done as I love my Hyosung and have heard this gives them a sportier look but cant find any pics. Also I have heard rumblings about the legality of these anyone checked they comply with local road rules?
  6. Hey mate, I got mine and fitted it 2 days ago.

    1. It is NOT legal and can be defected as it does not comply to ADRs. However it would take an EXTREMELY narky cop to ping you for it.

    2. It fits 98% fine. You need to grind 2mm out of the outer side of the braket for the plate or 2mm off in the inside of the plates hole.

    3. Pulling the factory unit off takes longer then any other part of the job. SO MANY AWKWARD BOLTS! ](*,)

    4. The only cutting you need to do is for the license lights. The rest is plug and play.

    See for yourself, ive given feedback to the manufacturer that making the holes a little bit wider would fit aussie plates 100%. Aside from that, perfectly happy.

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  7. Does anyone know if they make a Fender hyosung eliminator...
  8. 1. looks awesome can you PM me where you bought it in the US?

    2. There are a few forum posts about cops in VIC blitzing on this sort of thing so chances of getting defected are high down here. (not sure where you're from)
  9. hey mate.

    3rd post in the thread is where I got it from.

    Locations in my info box like yours :)
  10. Good one Bluey. Looks great.
    I intend doing the same (that plastic crap at the back is, well, crap) but I'm now having second thoughts because I have a Ventura rack and the plate might not be very visible tucked under the tail like that. And even less visible when the big bag is loaded.
    Hmmm, decisions.

  11. yeah and on your license plate if I had looked (der) thanks will fire up the old pay pal and get me one I think
  12. Just FYI and you may want to check with yours as well. My insurer advised me that this modification would invalidate any insurance. which is bad if you spill ( loose your bike), but is more of a concern if you hit joe citizen on the street as you will not be covered and they could take everything you own and then some.

    I have seen the things car insurance companies have used to get out of paying the legal bills of my friends and they include

    1. tyres do not match rating on door jam ( these were factory installed option)
    2. Tint too dark (again installed by a dealer)
    3. following the recent hail storm the assessor deemed that 18 of the 62 dents that wrote of a co-workers car were not consistent with hail and as such they declined the claim (he had to hire a forensics' expert to testify that it was hail and the case is still in court.)
    4. car locked but not immobilised using the immobiliser ( I still have no idea how they would know this as the car was never recovered)

    etc etc etc.
  13. 3rd party insurance is part of rego here. Regardless of anything youre covered by 3rd party as a minimum.