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Hyosung engine cutting out.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by murchy, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. So after my 2011 Hyosung GT650R (EFI) has put in about 3000km of faithful service, it's developed a pretty bad issue - the engine is cutting out.
    At first we thought it was the side stand switch turning it off, but after isolating that circuit, I'm at a loss.

    It's at Stafford Motorcycles in Hiedelberg right now, and I just thought I'd spark up some discussion while I'm waiting to hear back from them (Monday-Tuesday as they're very busy at the moment). There are no specific times when it's happening, although it never happens under engine braking - only when I have the throttle open to some degree.

    The randomness is what makes it very dangerous - what if it happened when I was going around a corner 3/4 through the rev range? Compression lock would kill me.

    So yeah, discuss! :D

    (Try to keep it constructive also please)

  2. That's a feature!:D
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    Used to happen on my pos 07 hyoflung too, but mine was a carbie
    model so can't help you I'm afraid.

    Constructive advice? Get a different bike. Looks like you may have got a dud and yes I'm speaking from experience.

    Staffords are awesome, though I think most of that came down to Ray Booth who is sadly no longer with us. They'll always do their best but being a small workshop it may take time. Also, hyoflungdung are shocking at keeping parts stocked in aus so you may have a wait if its something serious.
  4. Same sort of thing with mine, but without compression lock (just eng braking), and only under heavy throttle. Must be a feature of em I guess.

    At the moment I'm holding my reg rec responsible, and I've got one of the R1 mosfet RR's on order.

    EDIT: I'm getting low voltages at idle and lower at revs. Battery doesn't look to be charging at all. If I throw it on charge for 15 mins in the morning while I shower I don't seem to have the problem that day.
  5. The compression lock was only because I was pushing it pretty hard, it's not a common symptom. Just an example of how dangerous the issue could be if it were to cut out mid corner.

    So if it is a dud, how much of a fuss am I going to have to kick up to make them give me a new one or something? :p
  6. Sell it. In the meantime, ride with your clutch covered, like a 2 stroke.

    I'll give you $20 & a slab of VB for it.
  7. They do it all the time there's multiple threads at korider trying to sort it out.

    Sell it now...
  8. You don't want a new one. I'm on my second, it's about as good as the last.
  9. At least it'll be covered by warranty, yeah?
  10. yeah, 100% covered and no messing about. i'm just interested in what may be causing it.
  11. You was going over the recommended speed limit of 20km/h, and it's retarding the engine, to keep you safe.... :rofl:
  12. Yep 100% covered apart from costs getting there and being without a bike. It soon mounts up owning a Hyosung.
  13. The most likely answer amounst those that have loobedked at is that the Electrics which fail to supply the carbed bike stand no chance with the extra draw of the EFI kit.
  14. stigger, if you don't feel like being constructive, please don't bother commenting
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    Stigger is right.
  16. if it was an electrical issue, wouldn't the electronics cut out?
  17. Fine I've told you what's commonly believed to be the cause. If you're not that interested then good luck.
  18. no, you've told me about an electronic issue that's mainly to do with the charging system failing and the battery running flat. which is nowhere close to the problem i'm experiencing.
  19. The charging system isn't up to it so the voltages aren't up to it either so the fuel pressure drops off the injectors aren't delivering enough fuel, coupled with the fact that low voltage conditions means that the ECU can't always be trusted either.

    But you obviously worked that out for yourself.
  20. Murchy, simialr problem although not as extensive as yours(on my hyo 250) few little things are starting to go wrong and play up here and there. Staffords have been great though.