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Hyosung decals

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by van, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. So, the administrator over at korider.com stumbled across a site with Hyosung's new logo, though we've got no idea if it's going to be used internationally.

    Either way, I just spent half an hour Photoshopping it onto this photo, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it either sprayed or applied as a decal onto my black GT250R (in a dark silver).


    If anyone wants a scaleable version of the file (necessary for reproducing at a larger size), let me know, as I spent 20 minutes duplicating it in Adobe Illustrator last night. If you want to take it to a panel store to get it applied to your bike, they'll appreciate you having the scaleable version!

    Here's a variation:

  2. mate thats nice
    hyosung would sell better if they had some more decals like that
  3. Hehe, I emailed Hyosung Australia and showed them, so you never know!

    Glad you dig it :)
  4. hey can u do other decals as well for other bikes
  5. Well I don't have access to the equipment needed to actually make them, but I can certainly design them :)
  6. Wannabe honda wing?

  7. With the darker highlights it looks much better (your second pic)
  8. Love your photoshop work. Gooks great
  9. they would sell much better if they wernt so dam gutless :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I know for fact that if you fit #100 jets to both carbs on the Aquila 250, you get a very noticeable improvement. Especially if you have removed the baffles or have the slash cut exhaust.
    If you want more performance try rejetting it.
  11. Wow, that second pic looks awesome dude :!: :wink:

    Anyone know how much would a joint charge to make and apply a decal like that? :?:
  12. A couple hundred bucks is my guess. Call Graphic Effects in Blackburn, they're a client of ours and a good bunch of people.

    03 9894 4950

    Let me know if you need the vector/scaleable version of the file and I'll upload it to my space :)
  13. See if you can get the numbers for a group buy .
  14. I just emailed them a quote request, including one for a group buy, so I'll let you all know :)
  15. Okay, this is what I've got.

  16. Guys, guys, we have our own decal expert right here in Netrider.

    Just send your artwork to XXSteve at the details advertised on his profile, and he'll produce the goods. Deafwish and I had perfect Hornet decals done, one for each side of the tank, for $50.00. Talk to Steve and keep it in the family.....
  17. Is he in Melbourne? Because I'd rather have the pro putting them on for me than doing it myself. Applying them to the fairings will be a tricky task, and I'm definitely not doing it.
  18. That looks great mate - excellent effort. What colour were you looking at getting in your black gt250r? White?

    I am still saving for a yellow GT250R, and I think black would look great. I have seen a few "bumblebee" CBR's running around and have always like the livery.
  19. edit - double post after error
  20. He lives in Beaconsfield, Victoria. Send him a PM for more info.