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Hyosung ATM

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Captain_Slow, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Who here would be game enough to put their bank card in this machine? :p


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  2. NFW, bad enough CBA ATM's are/were out of action today.
  3. considering I have lost 2 cards in the BIG banks ATMS in the last month, Id trust my hyo any day over that lot.
  4. You LOL me chook
  5. Glad you LOL'in, is this over the ATM thingy? :-s

    The automated Teller Machine ATE my card...is that better? lol
  6. No that's our little secret. Well it was....

    I'm lolling that you'd put anything important anywhere near a Hyosung.
  7. i don't know chef, my testicles hang around near the hyo a lot.
  8. nothing wrong with the machines Chooken.
    just your inability to remember 4 simple numbers

  9. Different companies though, Hyosung haven't made bikes for nearly 10 years...
  10. Not near my hyo they aren't :p

    And Mick it wasn't the numbers, just my luck ;p
  11. the only difference is that you take money out of the machine instead of putting all your money into the bike...