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hyosung aqulia 2010 efi

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by knight rider, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Could you please give me your opinions of the new efi hyosung gv250. Also what would be a good price on road for this bike. It retails $ 6990 ride away. I got my learners about 6 months ago and now I want to start learning while the weather is on my side. Thanx.
  2. EFI or not, the Hyosungs have a terrible reputation (some would say deservedly) so resale will be a big problem if you want to move up in the not too distant future.

    When I started on the road, i got a 2nd hand bike and I'd suggest you do the same.
    1) If you drop it, you aren't halving the value of it.
    2) When it comes to resale, chances are that you'll get almost what you paid for it (assuming you take care of it).

    Back to your question...
    The GV250 looks like a pretty standard harley clone with reasonable power (for it's size) and it'll hold a full grown Aussie male.
    Is that reasonable when you can get a 10 year old virago for like $1500-$3000 depending on condition and that looks pretty much the same?
    That's your call.
  3. Except for the fact that the Virago has about a quarter the power.....
  4. Where do you get this stuff from the GV puts out 25bhp/16ftlb and a the virago 22bhp/15ftlb, more but nowhere near a 1/4 and you don't have to rev the virago to 10,500 to get it either...

    I know you like to obtuse but there's no need to just make stuff up...

    To the OP the GV250 is the most reliable of the Hyo's, but on the other hand it's still a Hyo...
  5. I rode a 250 Virago once while my bike was in for a service, in my opinion, although it mightn't be a quarter, it was so underpowered it was downright dangerous (but then I supposed a lot of 250s are too).
  6. So as I said don't just make stuff up.

    Also The Virago is 27kg lighter.
  7. I would have thought that anyone would have known that I was exaggerating....
  8. How exactly would that be known. It's not exactly unheard of for you to talk bollocks...
  9. I have plenty of good examples from whom to learn.....
  10. Hi knight rider, that's what I paid for mine. I didnt bother haggling or shopping around like I usually do with cars, just went with my local and got a good package with gear.

    Mine was damaged in an accident however and is off the road and I am still waiting for an indication as to when some of the parts are going to arrive from overseas.
  11. Hi, I own a 2007 GV250 and have been pretty happy with it. In comparison to the virago I have to agree on the power stakes it has much more power or at least feels like it. It is also a bigger bike which is why I bought mine as I am 6'3" and it was the only thing that comes close. Even so I have to remove the rear seat so it doesn't dig into my back. I had to get a 250 as I got it before LAMS came in.

    I am also hoping to upgrade very soon to a Boulevard.....Just have to work out which one. M90 is leading at the moment.

    EDIT: I have only had 3 main problems with it and 2 were fixed under warranty. First was a problem with the gears. Would not come back down below 3rd. This was quite a problem on the Monash car park. The second was the side stand switch. It was intermitent and was cutting out the engine at the most inoportune moments. Both of these fixed under warranty. The last was I only got about 12000K out of the chain. It became very noisey and sloppy. Luckily only cost $125 for a good one.