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hyosung aquila clutch and brake levers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by helent, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys
    I haven't formally introduced myself yet but have made a couple of postings and lurked for a couple of weeks.

    I am in WA, have just got my learner's permit (which you get here without needing to ride a bike at all, just by answering a few multiple choice questions) and had one lesson.

    I am very impatient and impulsive and I want a bike and I want it NOW! without waiting weeks to do a few more formal lessons, so I am choosing a bike by researching on the net, getting my hubby to ride and just sitting on the bike.

    Well, I am now 99.9% sure I want a Hyosung Aquila 250 and sat on one today. My only concern is that the levers seem to be a bit far out for me. I can grip them, but I have to have my hands right at the ends of the handlebar grips where the levers are closest. I am not that small - about 5'5", but I do have small hands. While I was able to reach them (just) while sitting on the bike, I am worried that whilst actually riding whether having to stretch slightly for them at the same time as doing everything else will be a problem.

    I asked the guy in the shop whether they could be adjusted - he said no, that they couldn't even be changed for different shape ones.

    Does anyone have any opinions - am I worrying over nothing as I could just reach today? Or does anyone know if I can actually change the levers? Any other smaller people out there who have had trouble or otherwise? My second choice at the moment would probably be the Virago, but even the levers on these seemed quite far away for me.

    Thanks for any comments at all (unless they are rude!!)

  2. That is really odd, I don't ride one myself. But, usually on the bar just next to the lever, there should be a little knob thing that turns from 1-4 (I think) which would adjust how far they sit out to my knowledge.

    They got the levers on somehow, so there would be a way to take them off. Even replace them with a smaller one. I may be wrong as I have never ridden or even sat on one. But most bikes have a contraption like that.

    If that helps good, or if someone else has some other information or wishes to correct me then you can :)

    Oh and welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay :cool:
  3. Thanks for the reply Sketchie, but the levers on this bike are definitely not adjustable, as is. The brake lever on the GV650 I understand is adjustable, though not the clutch. We have rung around a few different dealers now, but can't seem to get an answer :cry:

    Am I likely to get any more responses to my query if I post to one of the other forums (a more technical one)? or would that just p*** people off now?

  4. Hey Helen, I think you'll find that nearly any adjustable brake and clutch levers will go on, but the salesfolk will be reluctant to tell you this.

    Best bet is to search out a good bike mechanic who will quickly tell you what's what. It would be as simple as going through a bike wreckers until you found a lever that you like, as long as the bars are a similar diameter.

    Bear in mind that you'll need the brake master cylinder to be swapped over too if the lever's off a different make. Best to consult a mechanic about this also, as different diameter M/C's will affect how much pressure you'll need to apply for a given braking force. If the GV650 has the same brakes as the 250 (?) then there won't be any problems.

    This is all a very simple job, but I can understand that the sales folk don't want to take this on board. Speak to a decent bike mechanic perhaps before purchasing just for peace of mind.

    There are several ways around your problem, you'll just need to spend a little time searching out the answers. The salesperson was right in telling you that there are no 'different shaped' levers available, all are a similar shape. Bolting on adjustable ones is your best bet. Good luck!

    Plenty of bikes these days are fitted with non-adjustable levers in order to save on costs.
  5. My Hyosung GT250R has adjustable break and clutch levers. I dont see why the aquila isnt.
  6. There you go, I'm pretty sure the front brakes would be the same, so it's a simple job of swapping over the entire brake lever assembly (along with the attached master cylinder). You might get away with just swapping the clutch lever over, and not even need to unbolt that assembly from the 'bars.
  7. Thanks for the replies everybody. I will persue this line of enquiry then with someone with a bit more know-how than the sales guys. At least it sounds as if I shouldn't write off buying this bike just yet :)
  8. replying to my own post here but just chatting to my husband about your replies (he is slightly more mechanically minded than me) and he reckons the problem with changing the levers is that he says they have a fixed length cable rather than being hydraulic, and this means that you can't do zip with them.

    Any comments?