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Hyosung Aquila 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Neville, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Hi riders. Just bought a Hyosung Aquilla 650 for my lady and a Honda 750 Shadow for MWA. Only have 320ks and so far the clutch/ start switch is shagged. Going in when parts arrive. Also having trouble with the instrument mode select switch. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi there Nev, thought i would throw in my 2c, I have owned my aqila for 2 weeks, clocked up 2,234km, and just today i covered 742km from newcastle to walcha to wauchope back to newy along some magnificent roads and some not so nice.... I road with a yamaha yzf 600 and a hyosung GT650R, and apart from trying to pull up steep hills at ___km/h(where all we saw of the yzf was the back) I have had no troubles at all. My poor bike copped a flogging today, scaping pegs corner after corner for 20 - 30 km on the infamous Oxley Hwy, braking beatifully and accelerating out of low speed corners hard. oh and yes, I had the usual crowd gathering thing happen when we stopped amonst 30 or so Ulysses, all the usual questions ........ what is it ........ how does it go ............ how much???????The only people that dont admire the bike are people who have a really nice looking bike...... that looks kinda the same as all the other nice looking bikes!! Oh and my bike is still restricted, cant wait for that extra power!!

    My thought for most new things is: give it hell, if things go wrong, get it fixed under warranty, and maybe in the process of that, you may get lots of newer designed items(ie- without the factory fitted fault) and end up with a good thing.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, hope it gets sorted out, thats one great bike!!

  3. Mate, I bought a v-star 250 after getting feedback from Tim some time ago. If i had gone to a 650 i was considering the Aquila VS v-star custom. What decided you on the Aquila?