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Hyosung Aquila 250 or Suzuki Intruder vl250

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by knight rider, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. I just got my learners and would like to purchase a cruiser for my first bike. I would like to keep it for awhile, but saying that everyone says a 250 is not powerful enough once you gain more experience.
    Has anyone got views on which bike is better, the hyosung aquila 250 or suzuki intruder 250. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. If you want to keep your first bike for a while, why not buy the 650 Hyosung? It's restricted for learners and provos, but then can be unrestricted when you have your full license....
  3. +1

    with LAMS now in Victoria, for cruisers you could get either a Hyosung GV650L for Yamaha XVS650/A. I think the GV650L is cheaper.
  4. But I suspect that the Yam may be better-built and last longer.....
  5. Probably, however I think for $12k on the road it's alot to ask for carby and chain drive - someone is leveraging from LAMS :p
  6. Ahem, except the Yammy XVS650 is actually a shaft drive so bonus points there. Honestly, sit on them both and see which one feels the best to you.
  7. My bad :)
  8. Hey Knight Rider

    I have a gv250 2009 model have had it for a month and have just done 1000ks and first service and doesn't miss a beat but now I wish I had got the 650 being an experinced bush basher!!!!
    Great little bike thou :)
    I got my L's after 20yrs of riding my IT250 in the bush and I thought a 250 cruiser wld be great for a year.
    Now I wish I had got a 650 LAMS approved.
    In saying this I am now going for my P's and being a mature rider I will go on my blacks straight away and have organised a buy out from a bike shop for my gv250 and buying a c50 2009.
    For commuting around town back and forth to work the gv250 is great. It's light to throw around and great on fuel.
    If your looking for value for money GV250 is great and they look bigger than a 250.
    I have travelled along the freeways here in Sydney and it's just not made out for this type of riding. It's small and very light!!! but enough power to get you up hills.
    So if your new to riding I wld go for a 250cc for at least a year and get your confidence with riding.
    I suppose it comes down to what you want to do with the bike and your budget.
    Good luck and ride safe.
  9. Always assuming its still going by then...
  10. Thanks so far for all your replies. My budget is around 6500 and I would prefer new 250 so i am restricted to these models hyosung aquila 250, suzuki intruder 250 or virago 250.

    Out of these three which is the better bike?

  11. harsh :LOL:
  12. Can't go wrong sticking with any of the big 4

    Too bad about the Yamaha 650 its pretty bullet proof, cheap to maintain / run and mega reliable. I could ride mine for hours and walk afterwards feeling fine.

    IMHO next best go the Virago
  13. I got a GV250 and I've had it since Feb and it hasn't fallen apart in a screaming heap on me yet :p

    I really wanted a Yammie 650 but decided not to spend a lot of money on my first bike.

    That said the suzuki vl has a better fit and finish than they Hyo, however the riding position was a little small for me (85kg, 5'11")
  14. My boyfriend has always gone through the Specifications on bikes that we've looked at, and he has always found the Hyosung always come out on Top as they have More Horsepower than all the cruisers to the 650cc range. If you get all 3 specification sheets on those cruisers that you've picked out, have a look at the one that has the most kW of power and then test ride them to see what you like best.

  15. Sit on each and go with what feels the best, I can vouch the Intruder is a good solid bike.
  16. My first bike was a Hyosung 250 (affectionately known by riders as Hyobags or Piglets). They are a great learners bike, lots of low end torque, low seat, low center of gravity. There is a large online community based around the Hyosung cruisers with plenty of after market parts available.

    I had one issue with stock parts in 2 years and 30k of riding both long distance and commuting. It was taken in by the dealer and the part replaced on Warranty immediately with no argument/complaint.

    It was great little bike, a lot of fun to start on. If I was going to do it again under a Lams system I would probably start with the Hyobag GV650.
  17. for a beginner on a budget, i would say buying a near new second hand hyo with some warranty left would be a good idea... the only issue is you will lose resale value...
  18. what about a kwaka eliminator?

    personally i think a 250 cruiser is a shocking idea, but then im not you

    but i was under the impression the saki's were the physically biggest of the 250's....could be wrong though
  19. For the Record,

    I have a 2007 Hyo GV250. About 15,000 kms so far and it has just kept ticking without any complaints so far. This includes a 2 week trip riding from melbourne to brissy and back.

    The dealerships that I have dealt with for Hyo have all been great including pulling a clutch cable off a floor stock when I needed to replace a worn one fast in the middle of queensland. And I can personally say Staffords here in Heidelburg have been fantastic for me.

    So if you are on a limited budget, i would have to say that there is no reason not to go with the GV250. It is a slightly roomier bike compared to all the other 250 cruisers in my opinion, and on paper has a few more ponies in the engine.

  20. Have a VL 250 and I can't complain,done 6000 k's and has not missed a beat I am proposing to get a bigger bike and have been told the re sale value holds better than the Hyo 250 which was one of my consideration's