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Hyosung Aquila 250 2010 vs Yamaha Virago 250 2010 (First Bike)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Saudade, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hi guys! I've been searching around to get my first bike and I haven't been able to find any second hand bikes so I'm going to be getting my first bike brand new. *Gulp*!
    I haven't ever ridden before and I'm going either this week or next week to do my learner course and get my learner license.

    I've just been in to dealers and met two fantastic salespeople who were fantastic guys and were very helpful.
    So I'm trying to choose between two different bikes and I honestly can't choose, both are very close in their price range.

    I'm looking at getting either the Yamaha Virago 250 2010 model for $6872 all costs inclusive (stamp duty, ctp etc.). Or a Hyosung Aquila GV250 2010 for $6400 (don't know if that's a good buy or not and I don't think that includes road costs).
    Which would be the better bike for me? The Virago felt amazing just to sit on and I liked it so much but I honestly don't know which is the better bike for the price.
  2. the Yamaha would have better resale value - the hyosung 250 aquilla is plentiful second hand
  3. Thanks motolegion!
    Is resale the only real difference?
  4. I'd go Yamaha....
    But you 're the one who has to be happy with the choice.....
  5. Hey Joe! Why would you choose the yamaha? :D
  6. Yamaha = known build quality
    Hyosung = emerging as a serious alternative but still teething problems

    check out korider.com for info on hyo's
  7. My line of thinkingis along the lines of motolegion.
    I've been given a couple of hyos for the day while mine has been serviced and felt quality not the same as my suzi.
    May have been just those particular bikes but still put me off them.
    Having said that, they were not cruiser styles.

    Yamaha have been building bikes for a while and have quality bikes.
    Know a couple with Vstars and very happy with them.
  8. everyone will tell you Yamaha as this forum hates Hyosung lol, ask on korider about any known problems

  9. I like Hyos -- I nearly bought a gt650r in yellow then the R1 came up at a good price
  10. my understanding is that the aquilas are quite decent - bit extreme in design though
  11. The 250 Aquilla is probably the most reliable of all the Hyo's but at $400 between the 2 the Yamaha has to be the buy.
  12. It's probably not even $400 because I'm pretty sure the hyo's price doesn't cover on road costs.
  13. I must say, the price differences you've stated also swayed me towards Yamaha...
    Would have thought more of a difference.....
  14. My first bike was a Virago 250. Lovely bike, didnt have a moments trouble with it, as well as having plenty of get up and go. They actually have roomier leg positioning than the Virago 1100 believe it or not which would suit a taller rider (Im 5 foot 1). Other than that, they have a fairly flat and uncomfortable seat, (compared to my current bike anyway). Ive no experience with the Aquilia except I sat on one before buying the 250, and thought it felt a fair bit heavier than the Yamaha.
  15. Thank you ametha! I'm 6'2"-3" there was discussion of whether or not I would fit.
    No question after I sat on the beauty.
    Thank you everyone for your help.
    Has there been any problems with the virago 250?
  16. Yamaha, quality, reputation, support, parts availability and won't attract NR rage when ever you mention that you have a hyo.
  17. Saudade, I did 10,000 kilometres in one year on the Virago 250cc. Only problem I ever encountered was the side stand sometimes gave way on its own. Started first up every time, and kept up nicely with the bigger bikes except when going up steep hills. I was really sad to see her go, but then, I upgraded to the Virago 1100 so wasnt sad for very long!!!!!! They have been making the Virago 250cc (now Vstar) for a long time now so that has to mean a good reputation and happy customers.
  18. A Virago is a girl's bike. Google 'Define:virago' if you don't believe me. 'a noisy or scolding or domineering woman'.

    If I wanted a 250 cruiser I'd go with a Honda VT250 Custom or a Suzuki Intruder. A friend of mine recently bought a used Intruder for $3,500 and is very happy with it.
  19. any 250 cruiser is a girls bike and your friend is gay.
  20. There is an inherent amount of girliness in any 250, but I would put the Virago at the top of the girliness scale.

    You may be right about my friend- he picked the Intruder over a Virago and an Aquila because it looked bigger and felt chunkier as he rode it. :-s