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Hyosung Advertisement Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by bluecraka, Sep 8, 2006.

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  2. That's Pete the Freak on the right :LOL:

    It's good, but it's a bit too long, IMHO
  3. Now I can see Pete the Freak's point. :) :wink:
  4. What was Pete the Freaks point?
  5. That's a fantastic little ad! Nice sound and visuals, good riding... Beauty!

    MEGA-stoppie in the middle there too!

    The cruiser bit was a bit shonky though, you could see the camerman's shadow and reflection way too much.
  6. I thought the ad was a bit shite to be honest. Nothing to do with the bikes,but was none impressed with either the riding nor final product.
    Certainly wouldn't sell me a bike based on it.
    Maybe I'm being harsh. It just did nothing for me.
  7. Were your eyes open while you watched it? Or you just put it on and walk away? The braking stoppie in the middle is telling you that it has good breaking. The corners is saying that the bike is stable and the rest is well yeh just going on looks. But the way that it is donethey are giving the impression that it is a powerful bike.
  8. OMG! The music!

    I was waiting for the theme from the 'freeway' scene in Matrix - (Trinity, green Ducati, you know the one)

    ...and it delivers :LOL: But...what is that bike? An AQUILA?!?!

    Trying waaayy too hard...
  9. Yeah... after watch that ad I actually have a little more respect for Korean engineering. I was a good vid.
  10. Too bad the engineering sucks though hey? :p LOL Looks good but it would make an expensive orniment.
  11. they look alot better hammering around corners than parked. im not much of a HYO fan but that little vid made me like them that little bit more. the basic concept of the add was shite IMO but the riding made the bikes look real good.

    this is what i found when that video loaded, worth a watch lol. nothing to do with bikes but meh...
  12. Of course it didnt do nothing for ya, you got a better bike!
    90% of people who buy hyo's do so because its Learner legal.
    The engine is not bad, its based on the suzuki SV650 its even got a few more ponies than the SV!
  13. DM had it right...its pretty shite. All I see is riders all over the road and hesitating when to drop into a bend and I think the bloke on the cruiser was banking it in better. If I had to describe it in a word I'd go with cheap but that s not surprising.
  14. In all fairness, even though the Hyosung's are Korean, are they actually any good? I mean build quality, ride comfort and handeling?

    The reason I ask is cos i have a friend looking to get his licence and I guess it is just another option for him... so what are peoples thoughts?
  15. AMCN have always praised then in the articles they have done on them. I'll have a dig through some old issues i have and post up some of there comments.

    From what i remember:

    * Build quality = Good
    * Ride Comfort = Good
    * Handling = Positive
    * Finish = Average
    * Performance = Great
    * Brakes = Good but with bad feeling (often describe as 'wooden' feeling; However, i have heard after the discs are used alittle and if you stick EBC pads in the wooden feeling goes away)
  16. Thanks mate if you could find any comments that would be great.
  17. I find them to be a great learner bike, it is comfortable, handles very well, goes well, the quality of the bike could be better! The brakes could do with an improvement which they apparently done on the new models.
    I had a few issues with it which were fixed under warranty! My dash just droped out one day, i also had to change the fuel cock, the standard brake pads were terrible so that got changed to ebc pads and it seems to be working better now. From time to time its hard to find neutral!
    Overall jap bikes are much smother and more reliable of course but for the price you pay its ok! And if something goes wrong im covered by warranty so im happy with it untill i get the full licence!
  18. just go have a look at the HYO's. im not dissing them but you get what you pay for with them. a HYO GT650 is half the price of most jap 600's (correct me if im wrong).

    i have never ridden one so cant comment on the riding, but i did look over a GT650R and found it to be lacking detail, very plain. but i think they did look nice taking those bends in the video. really liked the headlights.

    when you look at them i think they give off the feel of poor build quality, like rolly said, his dash just fell out.
  19. Just want to clarify something!
    The dash just stopped working it didnt ectually fall off while i was riding!
    LOL imagine that :LOL:
    Its more the quality of the parts....
  20. lol rolly. i imagined you just cruising along, waving at old ladies and stuff then BOOM! your dash just auto-ejects and comes slowly bac down to earth with the aid of a parachute.