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Hyosung 650R/L or Suzuki 500GSF

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by beans07, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Hi I am completely new to motorbikes and was after an opinion on which bike to get. I am booked in for my upright course in about 3 weeks and am hoping to have the bike around or just after.

    I am purchasing brand new and have narrowed down my choice to ether the Hyosung 650R/L or the Suzuki 500GSF. At this stage the bike will be kept for a few years and used on the full license so it wont be just for initial learning. The reason for brand new is so I know about the history and servicing as I ma anal on both of these.

    The bike will be used to ride approx 100km's per day 5 days a week, with about 90% of the ride on rural highway 100km/h.

    I am leaning towards the Suzuki purely because the local bike shop has one in-stock ready to roll and they will do all the servicing on it here as well. The Hyosung I would have to travel 250km's to purchase and also to get it serviced.

    Can someone please give me an idea of the cost brand new ride away (not including insurance as I will get it myself) price for the Suzuki so I don't get ripped off by the local fella's?

    For a start I have been leaning towards a dri rider mesh jacket, dri rider gloves and a helmet (not sure which one/brand yet as I haven't fitted one) as I can get all this stuff from the local shop too at reasonable cost. Gloves are $100, Jacket about $350 and helmet I have been looking at between $300-400.

    All opinions on which one the better for me would be greatly appreciated. Or any other possible suggestions will be taken on board too.
  2. Suzuki. nuff said.
  3. +1, it's a no-brainer!!
  4. A quick look at the Hyosung and Suzuki websites has them both listed at $7,990 + ORC. As long as your not paying more than this, your not being ripped off. Some dealers may discount this, depending on stock numbers etc. My mate bought one last month here in Canberra for $7,500 drive away, it was an 07 plated model however.

    You'll probably get people on here bagging the Hyosung, although I've heard the 650 range have not had nearly the same problems as the 250's. The advantage to the Hyosung is that you can unrestrict the power up to its full 58kw once your off your restrictions. That said, Hyosung is still considered the Kia/Daewoo/Hyundai's of the bike world and the gs500 has been a tried and true bike for over 20 years now.

    If it was me and I didn't have a local Hyosung dealer (in case anyhting did go wrong), I would go the Suzuki.

    Check out the new Suzuki SV650SU or the GSX650FU. Both are definately well respected bikes and now available LAMS. There has been a few posts on this forum about them.
  5. If you can stretch the budget, the Suzuki GSX650FU.

    Same deal as the Hyosung, ride it restricted, then full power when on open licence. The extra 2K gets you a modern fuel injected motor and a bike that will do you for years

    If the budget can't stretch and it's either the GS500F or the Hyo, then go the Suzuki. Proven and dependable.
  6. Do a search on this site regarding these bikes. They've been done to death and there is a plethora of information on both.

    In short - if you buy the Hyosung you're an idiot. They're rubbish, especially if you're going to be doing the amount of k's you say you will. You'll have it back in the shop being repaired within a month.

    You heard wrong.
  7. Wasn't someone mentioning that there is now an SV650 that has been power limited for LAMs or at least one on the way?
    That would be the best option if it is more than a pipe dream.
  8. dougz what year was yours?
  9. I love how everybody thinks it's "like ZOMG so coool!" to get onto the Hyosung bashing train, where i'm willing to bet that literally 99% of those people have never ridden one.

    They cost 2/3 as much as a Jap bike, and they're 2/3 the quality. Easy as that. Doesn't make them crap. Yes, the pre-2007 models had LOTS of faults, but the 07 - 08 models have had VERY few niggles. They're simply teething issues from a new company into Australia, wtf don't people cut them some slack?

    And yes, yes i'm a know-it-all, dumb in the head Hyosung owner. Oh woe is me!.

    To the OP:

    Here is my advice to you:

    Hyosung GT650R/L:
    This is the bike i baught, and it has served me absolutely perfectly so far. Not a single issue, looks good, sound great with a pipe, goes fantastic (mine is derestricted now). If you buy new or at least a 2008 model, you won't regret your purchase.

    Suzuki 500GSF:

    This bike should be repeatedly bashed and then burned. I've ridden one and it's a large steaming pile of ancient, air cooled, gutless shit. Single front brake, looks like something from the 80's and lacks anywhere near decent power. You WILL regret your purchase after a few months.

    If it were me and i was buying a new LAMS bike, right now i would 100% go for the new Suzuki SV650S LAMS version. It has Suzuki quality (which whilst not up to Honda, is still pretty decent and obviously better then Hyosung), EFI, twin front brakes, decent suspension, looks alright and being able to have it tuned to unlock it's potential will make it useable for ages.

    Just my $0.02
  10. Hi fellas,

    I went down the local dealership to get a quote on the Suzuki gs500f (honda/kawasaki/suzuki) and the boss gave me a price of $7500 incl insurance drive away. He also is going to give me 50% off helmet, pants, boots, gloves and jacket and going to throw in a bike cover as well.

    I will try and stretch the boss for an extra 2K. I originally only had 3K to spend but have worked it up to the $8.5K mark. Browny points are already stretched and I may be shown the door if for the extra 2K.. hehe
  11. You can't get the Hyosung then.
  12. any money you would save on buying the hyosung will be used to transport it 250km, so for ease go the suzuki.
    as for gear, roads like that id be forgetting the dri-rider stuff, go leather so if you are to come off, you wont be spending wat money you have on gettin skin grafs (grafs? graphs?) done. go a 2pc leather suit or somthing with one of those dri-rider over-alls, that jus goes over everything to keep you dry.
  13. Go the gs500, it has proven to be reliable. The hyos have proven to be unreliable with $hit build quality.
  14. You could always get a cheaper used bike now and a more expensive/powerful one once you're off your opens. You might eventually get bored puttering around on a 180kg (dry) GS500F with only 47hp.

    Having said that, the relatively simple 500c engine with good economy (and a 20L tank) will certainly make a great commuter.

    But yeah if I'm going to spend a few years on the same bike, I'd look for something that could be unrestricted.
  15. hmmmm in the same boat mate, did my stay upright course a couple of weeks ago and it was cool, just relax. the instructors i had were cool as. i had an asian guy called gary, he was brilliant.
    i know i am a newbie but one piece of advice that i found usefull was to keep your head up and look where you want to go, and just relax. once i controlled that it was all downhill and quite easy after that. and just start practicing ur signals when u feel comfortable.

    as for gear i picked up a leather jacket with amour and perforated holes for summer, and a pear of kevlar jeans for $450, and thay look mad. the place i went to was called amx i think, it is on keilor road in melbourne.
    the jacket 250
    the jeans 200
    as a price guide
  16. For an extra few bucks you can get a NEW Suzuki GSX650F ....... This would last you for years and has a 24 month warranty.

    p.s I saw one about a month ago at Raceway Suzuki in Keilor and IT WASN'T a demo. 9k plus O.R.C

    Nicer looking than the others too IMHO.

  17. Why not just get a 250? Stupid LAMs, ruin my resale :evil:
  18. I have her just about agreeable on the bigger one although I had a mate over who used to ride bikes and he suggested I get a zzr250 as he reckons his was great then look at a 900 size after.

    Too many decisions IMO.

    The most worrying thing would be if I dropped the 650 (which would be heart breaking) it would be expensive compared to a zzr or ninja 250.
  19. Having owned a Hyo 650 as a commuter, they are a good bike, but are hard as hell to re-sell, due to the stigma attached to them cos they're made in Korea.

    Also IMO, the GS500 is ok, but it's a slow, heavy nugget of a bike.

    In short, I'd stay clear from both of these bikes & buy a Honda CB400
    if you intend to but a brand new bike. The CB400 would arguably be the best learner bike on the market.

    Otherwise if your buying 2nd hand bike, I would suggest you get a Kwaka GPZ250 or ZZR250, as they are cheap as chips & very reliable, low maintaince bikes, that are easy to re-sell.

    Good luck.
  20. Everyone already knows my opinion on hyo's, but surely a bike you have to take 250kms to get serviced is a non starter...

    As are most Hyo's :grin: ....... I tried not to, I really tried.