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hyosung 650 carbie restricters

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by crazychick, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. hiya

    just wanna know what these are & how they are removed

    are they actually something in the carbie?

    and does the carbie need to be pulled apart to remove them?

    a mate has bought one & done something to the vacuum which doesnt sound right to me


    crazychick :)
  2. (deletes the double)
  3. I believe that it's just a whole different 'slide' in the carbies, and that you would need to pull them out and replace them with either the unrestricted ones from Hyosung or (apparently) the ones from a Suzuki SV 650. (And yep, that would require pulling the carbs apart.

    (you can stop reading there if you like)

    Have you thought seriously about why you want to do it and whether it's worth doing? It's illegal and would likely void your insurance if you had an accident, and it wouldn't make such a massive difference, IMO. Mightn't it just be smarter to finish out your Ls, then get it legally modified?
  4. It is a new slide and it does make a difference.

    You just unscrew a couple of screws on top of the carbies.

    there is also a typical mod to be done to the airbox cover, that most dealers know about. This gets a bit more out of the bike for "free".
  5. It is illegal if you're on your L's and if the insurance company were to find out (and if you're on full comp they very likely will if there's an accident) that's not just your bike wasted, but also the insurance money oh and I'm pretty sure your premiums would go up too.

    Not the smartest thing in the world to risk IMHO
  6. thanks guys

    its not my bike ... just asking for a mate who has just come off L's and wants to unrestrict the thing


  7. Ahhh, pardon my grandpaness and assumptions - and all the best to your mate getting his bike powered up!