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hyosung 250 vs kawasaki zx2r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_messy, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. I had a chance to ride a Hyosung 250r faired bike.
    A mate of mine bought it and I bought a gsxr750. Dropped off my 750 at work and went back to my bike. He rode my bike back whilst I rode his. Nerves and all. I'd rather him stack my bike than his new one.

    Anyway the Hyosung, in my opinion, in my opinion, in my opinion
    ( repeating is so you know its my opinion, it will upset some people.) is it is nowhere near as good yet as the ninja. Obviously tho my bike looks shite cos all the damage. Its also dated.

    The Hyosung felt slow, it vibrated so much!! ( girls take note of that last comment :LOL: ) and felt empty as in cheap quality feel.
    My 250 ninja although damaged and broken here and ther felt solid, smooth...ER and quicker.
    Clutch action/friction point felt the similar on both bikes a little vauge requiring some revs to get started. But mine is 15yrs old.

    The things I liked however were the digital readouts, fuel, speed, trip etc.
    The vibes could be a good and/or a bad thing.

    ??? What the??? why am I writting about either of these bikes when I got the GSXR? :p

    Or why am I still awake?

  2. You do realise its a V-Twin? Theyre known to vibrate a bit. hehe