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Hyosun GV 250 power kit (long)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by quik blat, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. fitted the john cook power kit on sunday to my 10 000 klm cruiser.
    the following is what i noticed and weather it is worth the money.
    first up is this kit worth $80 absolutley. it is not a massive leap in power but the bike is much easier to ride it has better midrange and a smoother note and idle. it pulls harder in all gears you would need to do a lot to get this sort of improvment yourself.
    the kit it self comes with all you need to do the job with very clear instructions. it took about 2 hours on a lazy sunday afternoon which included beer and charging of the cordless drill.
    one word of note. because of the fragility of some of the fastners that you will need to remove it may be worth knowing how to remove tight bolts before starting this project. the instructions warn you of this but I can see were you could make life very hard for yourself.
    I was with some paitence able to remove all the bolts without damage but i hade to use all my tricks. (please no brawn over brain on this brain will have you drinking more beer insted of swearing at your bike.)
    it should be noted that i had previously fitted slash cut pipes to this bike so I did not have to carry out the exhaust mods but they are also included in the kit.
    If anyone is thinking of doing this to their bike i would have no hesitation in reccomending it and happy to lend advise or help were I can.
    I am unsure as to weather this kit is also aplicable to the other hyosung 250 range but i will try to find out. thekit is available on ebay but i dont have the link (sorry :( )
    I dont know if i can give a better long term review as this machine has been sold. but happy to ride it till it goes :(

  2. Cool love to find out if it suit the GT250, they are pretty much the same engine I think. :cool:
  3. they are very similar but the gv is a 5 speed box not a 6 so that will have some impact.
    for the minor cost may be worth putting in anyway especialy if you have already fitted a muffler. the mods are not that extreme just minor fueling and breathing but i will work on getting some better info.
  4. The GT250 is only a five speed, so might be worth a few bucks and an afternoon. Post up the link when ya can, cheers :)
  5. wasn't able to work out an effective link but alternativecruisers.com will get you there.
    have been commuting on it for a couple of days now
    should have done this years ago!!
    note has deepened slightly and is a bit more even.
  6. Here is the link:


    US $58.95

  7. Thanks Trevor. Not sure why my link is dead as I just copy-pasted the URL.