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Hyodung GT650 cutting out (ikr)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Siwagod, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Was heading into work today and hit stupendous amounts of traffic. As an L plater I'm not yet comfortable filtering, so I was just hanging out in my place in the line like all the other plebs.

    After about 20-30 minutes of idling, slowly moving off in first, then idling some more, repeat repeat, the bike started getting a bit pissy.

    At first she started chugging a bit when sitting still, as in the revs would slowly drop to below 1,000 and feel like she was going to stall.

    She would randomly just turn off at points like directly after coming to a stop, or while very slowly moving.

    At one point I put her in Neutral and 5 seconds later she turned off.
    The FI light came on for about a minute, then I got a chance to open it up to about 70kmph and it went off.

    After about 40 minutes, if I was sitting at lights or in traffic, I would have to keep revving it 3-4 times a minute to get her idling properly, and as I'd do it, it almost sounded like a Harley as it quickly climbed back up the revs.
    Obviously this was because the revs got so low, 500ish that you could actually almost hear the individual pistons.

    I re-filled the tank last night from a regular place, so the fuel is not dodgy, or if it is then it's a first.

    I'm clearly leaning toward the "I ride a Hyolol, so this is part of the obligatory amusement."

    Will be booking it in for a full service once I get paid.

    But is there anything some of you more experienced folk can think of/suggest?

    My dad was an engineering officer in the Navy and owned his own Helicopter factory, so I've grown up with engines etc, but my experience with bike engines is limited to about 5 days.

    Any help appreciated.

    TL:DR - Bike farts and turns off at low idle. FI comes on if sitting in traffic.
  2. my gv250 did a similar thing, only coming to a stop at the end of the freeway it would be generally dog like and stall half the time when i tried to take off.

    how is you bike at starting? mine would never start first go... or second... or third etc.

    i have a speculation that it was the charging circuit, the stator being wound with human hair instead of wire is incapable of charging the battery

    give the battery a full charge overnight and see if it happens the next day, and how long till it happens again.
  3. So far it has started first go every time. The only time I had issue was this morning in traffic after I put it into neutral and it cut out 5 seconds later. When I hit the starter it took about 3 seconds to turn over.
  4. What was the water temp getting to? and did the radiator fan cut in as it got hotter?
  5. My temp gauge was reading 1 bar under halfway so no alarm bells were ringing to me. As for the rad fan, I have no idea as I couldn't hear it and completely forgot it even existed.
  6. DUDE !!!! I TOLD YOU !!! ahh *bangs head on table*
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  7. Have you tried turning the idle up?
  8. I don't listen to anyway about anything at any time. This is the only way to make sure you are full retard 24/7.

    And Lilley, I wasn't aware you could do that on a GT650. Any idea how to do it? Else I guess it's off to the land of Google.
  9. Throttle position sensor is the normal reason on for cut out on FI Hyo's.

    Check and adjust.
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  10. Thanks Stig. Now to find the throttle position sensor.
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  12. Sounds like karma for threatening to dump your missus if she bought herself a scooter to me.
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  13. The bike gods would not be so cruel.

  14. The bike gods are fickle indeed! Some, like Lord Lucas, Prince of Darkness, are downright evil.
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  16. *shudders*

    just make sure you keep the smoke in and all is well