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Hyo or no Hyo?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Snowman, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if Hyosung GT250Rs are really that bad? the one im looking at is a 2007 so have they worked out most of the bugs by this year? it has 4707ks on it and is $5350 on bikesales.com.au id expect to put another 5000ks on it before i upgraded.

    so if you/a friend has had a really good or bad experience with these bikes id appreciate your input :)

    i cant imagine TOO much going wrong in 5000ks :?
  2. No Hyo.
  3. No Hyo, especially if it's a used Hyo.
  4. No Hyo.

    Certainly not that Hyo either... especially at that price.
  5. lol why? is it too expensive? or suspiciously cheap?
  6. Lock this thread please, it has been done to death, even more than the helmet/servo topic. :LOL:
  7. I agree. These threads are becoming rude. If you're new please have a search, go back a few pages before posting a thread. You never know, your questions may already have been answered.
  8. hey dont lock it i still have questions! if its locked ill have to find and resurect an old thread or something lol. im reading about it on a review site and some people hate them with a passion and some love them.

    its a shame about the reliabilty because it really is nice looking :mad:
  9. 1) It's called search, if you want to do well academically I suggest you get on top of it.

    2) What are these further questions? You have forgotten to ask them.

    3) Resurrecting an old thread is perfectly acceptable if it's not off topic.

    4) This should be in bike, reviews, suggestions if it's not going to be locked.

    5) VTR 250
  10. Too expensive.

    They aren't worth much when they're out of factory warranty, IMO.

    Buy a Honda VTR250. They're worth that money, and they'll hold it, and they aren't a crappy motorcycle.
  11. Snowman,

    It doesn't matter that you only plan on putting 5000kms on it and don't expect anything major to fall off in that time period. What matters is you will want to sell a GT250 with 10,000km in a year or so, when the deficiencies in the manufacturing process are really beginning to show, and trying to sell into a buyer's market.

    I agree with Ktulu and mrkotter, buy a VTR250. Honda know how to build stuff that lasts.

  12. If its a 2007, presumably it still has some warranty. $5350 is too expensive, it only costs $5,990 new at the moment ('runout models only').

    If you can get it down to the 4-4.5k mark, it may be worth it. Won't get much resale outside of warranty period though. But there's not that much to lose either.

    I'd make them a low offer, see where it goes from there.
  13. LOL, thanks for answering one of my questions :wink:
  14. mmk, yeah i was thinking of offering $4k for it and if i get it for that it couldnt lose that much after a year even with no warranty, id be hapy with a resale of about $3000... but ill probably crash the thing before then :(

    thanks for the tips ill check out the vtr too - and i might even use this new-fangled 'search' gizmo everybody is raving about
  15. Hey Snowman, I recently sold my 2006 GT650R with 5000kms on it. whats my opinion on Hyosung? well i didnt really have a bad experience but i think i followed the hype that everyone spreads about the brand and ended up selling it and buying a CBR600RR coz i was worried something would go wrong.. that and the fact that i got my full licence and wanted an upgrade :D

    The only thing that failed on the bike that wasn't associated with neglect on my behalf would be a snapped clutch cable..

    If you keep it well maintained and take it to a good mechanic you shouldn't have any problems..

    check out www.korider.com theres a wealth of info about Hyos on there. As for the price, i wouldn't pay that much for a gt250r. I sold my 650 for $5000 with 2nd hand gear. but that was mates rates..
  16. I was being sarcastic, for what it's worth I believe in rehashing topics ad nauseum, forums are for conversation, if some don't want to participate then don't but locking a thread just because you or others have already been down that path is ludicrous, afterall opinions change.
  17. yeah thats what i thought too :grin:

    i did do a bit of a search for some hyo threads and guess what the reply was to the first 2 threads i opened? "grrr! use the search function!" but then they had some useful info after it :D
  18. thanks! yeah i looked at korider and it seems to have more positive than negative experiences, but they do admit other bikes are better quality. one guy claimed to have 75000ks on his without major issues :shock:

    well i might offer this guy 4k for his and if he isnt interested too bad for him, ill look at some ZZRs :wink:
  19. check out ebay for a bargain mate. i just scored a 2005 CBR600RR for $6000 with 9 months rego and 19,000kms... if that aint a bargain i dont know wat is......

    I assume your looking at GT250R and ZZR250 due to them being one of the larger learner bikes?