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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GTR-90D, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Having read reviews all good and bad

    powersportsnetwork. com/enthusiasts/review_list_vehicle.asp?veh=25997

    It seems that for the time you break the engine in and up to the first factory servicing the bike quality started to degrade.

    I want to find out from HYO owners who have had their bikes well over say 2000kms and had not experienced any problems at all.

    I have the Brochure and the bike looks very nice
  2. Hyo's have improved year by year. However it seems that if you score a lemon then its really bad.

    Else others on here have sung its praises.
  3. I spent 2 hours + on the side of a country road last weekend with a HYO 250 ,4 months old with 4000km.

    Motor started fine , but it wouldn't go into gear ,I think the oil pissing out of the bottom and side of the motor may of had some thing to do with it ,but I'm not a mechanic.

    Oh and ghost rider ,the bike recovery service are very good ,put the number in your mobile phone. :grin:
  4. WHen I think of ghost rider I think the the euro dude that taunts the police and his turbo hayabusa. Who is Ghost rider?
  5. WHen I think of ghost rider I think the the euro dude that taunts the police and his turbo hayabusa. Who is Ghost rider?
  6. Ghost Riders Motor Cycle Transporters
    Parramatta NSW 2150
    ph: 0428 922 700
  7. I have the 250, its around 6 months old, and over 2500 k's and the only problem ive had is one of the rear vision mirrors broke itself. That is all.
  8. My engine shat itself at 24000km, and the rear shock failed at the same time. But I've had no problems in the 11000kms since. It does about 150kms a day 5 days a week...

    Mine was second hand so the repairs were ridiculous money, I'd not risk that again.
  9. oh ,I forgot the shock was to be replaced also :?
  10. hmmmm
    What to do????
  11. What to do?, Steer clear IMHO. Buy a near new Jap bike with low kays like I did.
  12. I had an 05 GT650R for 10 months and 10,000km. It had great fuel economy and was one of the most comfortabl bikes I have ridden (just fit me right). I had a leaking fuel tap and a rear disk replaced under warranty. The rear discs have since been upgraded. I fitted a Staintune pipe and replaced the front brake lines and pads. I found it to be a great bike around town but the suspension was lacking when you started to push it. I traded it last november after returning from a 1280km trip through the Snowy Mountains. I got a decent price on the trade in.
    Would I recomend a GT650R? That is a hard question as the price of the Suzuki SV650 is very close now. When I bought my GT the Suzuki SV was a fair bit dearer and I was buying to a price. The new Hyos are better now than they were in 05 so if you can haggle a good deal on one give them a strong consideration.
  13. I've got a 2007 GT650R, and so far have done 5000km's. I have not had a single problem with the bike, and it has been perfect. If anything it is running smoother now then at 1500km. which is probably just due to it wearing in more.

    The 05 & earlier models seem to be the ones that had problems. But I haven't heard of a 07 model yet, with any issues.

    IMO, it's a great all round bike.
  14. I saw one when I was filling up at the servo. Until I realised what it was, it looked really nice and expensive. Didn't look cheap and nasty as I would have imagined.
  15. I'd just like to rescind the last part as it's just shat itself again
  16. Gee, not again.
  17. I'm starting to go against Hyosung. Maybe when they produce the 2008 model. It will be better.

    gs500f I think might be the choice
  18. Well i went and bought an 06 model 2000ks on and 12 months warranty/rego for well under the price of a new bike. For me i still have peice of mind for another 12 months.My advice is to buy a near new one 06 or 07 preferably just after its first service with plenty of warranty and you can save up to four grand off the new price including ORC as the resale of these bikes arent so good.

    I love the bike i did a lot of research and new what i was getting into.There are alot of happy Hyo riders out there but you only see the horror stories on line.Theres no doubt the early models have had there problems but they have improved from the 06 onwards.