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hyo gt650R dropped, guidance on repair needed , please

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ghostkk, May 27, 2010.

  1. ](*,) left my bike in the garage for 2 months and eventually the battery died down.

    I've been advice and told couple of times to just bump start the bike, just had a bad feeling that i would drop the bike doing so.

    20 minutes ago in a stupid attempt to kick start my bike , while pushing it through a little slope, i dropped it.

    Broke my right handle bar it snapped off, right indicator gone, body work scratched, and me standing there felt like shooting myself in the head!

    Any Brisbane Hyo owners that can help me out on where to get parts or mobile service repairers?

    I've only moved up to Brisbane 2 months ago, still unfamiliar with this new city.
  2. maybe a general location would be a good idea? ie are you a southsider? there's about four hundred and eleventy seven billion bike shops round slacks creek area for a start.
    northside i'm not too sure of (sad considering i'm a northsider....)
  3. I don't know anything about bikes but judging from this forum my advice would be to chuck it and buy a different brand of bike?

    Yeah I know...very unhelpful.
  4. Of no use also..but that's typical that the handle bar snapped,rather than just rotate like a quality clip on should. I'd be google searching wreckers for parts.
  5. i have to ask: why would you even bother saying anything if you're just gonna tell this poor guy he owns a shit bike? guarantee his hyo is better than.. wait... what bike do you own???
  6. Actually for me it's how he can have a bike in the garage for two months without touching it. Can't blame the weather, he's in QLD!

    Seriously though, hope it gets sorted out quick.... then ride the darn thing....:grin:
  7. Well, it was only said before someone else would have said it....
  8. TheForgotten: I live over at Milton on Park road do you know any places near there?

    :-s oh well i won't disagree with the rest that it's a shit bike but it's what i can afford for now and i still love it.

    ](*,) couldn't ride my bike due to stupid mofo post grad. studies i'm doing after work! life's tough until i finish that shit!
  9. i'm still confused as to what he was using to try and kick start it with, causing it to fall over...

    the side stand?
  10. I believe by kick start he means push start and it all went wrong.
  11. If it's insured, the repair process is as follows:

    1. Stand bike upright.
    2. Smash the **** out of the damaged side with a big hammer.
    3. 'Oh noes... I crashed at high speed while avoiding a puppy.'
    4. ???
    5. Honda/Profit

  12. :-s




    WHY... THAT'S AN EXCELLENT IDEA!! wahoooo!!!!

  13. Mate + Moviing trailer
  14. Absolutely agree.

    Try one of these sellers as well:




    Prices are usually in US dollars, delivery is faster than from a local dealership and they send you a free calender too :D

    I used to ride a GT250R and got sick of dealing with hyosung dealers (they are pretty much all scumbags) so I started buying parts from overseas vendors.

    For what you are talking about damage wise it's a fix you could do yourself on the cheap with spare parts, don't bother getting it done by a mecho.

    If you need more hyo info, check out http://korider.com/
  15. Oh come on...everyone takes the piss on this site and has a laugh and I'm not allowed to join in? I wasn't even being nasty!

    And for the record, I would rather not have a bike than waste money on one of those. ;)

    Good luck to ghostkk.. hope you sort it out soon and start riding again. I can't imagine how itchy you would be having ridden and then having stopped.
  16. buy the parts yourself from oversea vendors and fix it yourself. Mild fairing damage, mirror and clip on? Thats easy..

    After my off I sourced all the parts and have just finished fixing the bike :]
  17. Ghost i can't think of any off the top of my head but i'll have a snoop around when i get back on my computer tonight. Can't even think where milton is off the top of my head (busy day kinda scrambled my brain).
    I'l get back to ya..
    That said, i agree with these guys, import parts and do the work yourself. Same gear without hyoAU getting a cut of your cash. Without seeing the bike myself it sounds like easy work even for a rookie

    EDIT: can't find anything on google, seems to be only pushbike shops coming up in your area. if you have transport, wooloongabba is only a few suburbs away
    hyo have dealers in virginia, springwood and moorooka, but they're all a fair hike if you're on foot. to be honest, i don't know the city all that well, i avoid it like the plague. i possibly will miss directing you to a nearby shop simply because i don't know the city.
    there's heaps of shops/wreckers around, comes down to getting you there/getting parts home really