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Hyo GT250R Not that bad at all

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Toxic_Dust, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    OK ... everything is set and delivery comes tomorrow to drop it off

    I went yesterday to take it for a spin and stock standard i get 173km/h out of it on there demo model.

    Where do everyone get the 140km/h ???

    I live in SA and we use 93 octane feul here if that makes a difference.

    Cant wait for it to arrive. I'll update again as soon as i drove my bike to near distruction :p

    Like i always say " Ride it like you stole it "
  2. I've never seen regular unleaded here higher than 91.

    Hang on, are you saying you did 173 during a test ride on a dealer demo bike?

  3. hey go see how fast that R1 goes aswell,
    The man had to find out what he was buying
  4. hmmm ... yes ... 173 km/h.

    If i didnt weigh 112kg i might have gotten 180 out of it ... and it was stock standard ...

    The R1 is a different story in whole ... dont know about solid top end cause the road is not that straight where i live so i could only push the R1 to 297km/h. that was about 4 months ago with a '06 model ... could prolly get a bit more out of it ....

    And for the feul ... the 93 octane is not the best here ... close to our coasts we get 95 octane and if your lucky still the old 97 octane unleaded ... maybe a little bit of jet feul might bring up your octane a bit to get you to where you want to go :p ....

    Another thing i noticed is that Kawa does the tuning on the bike here in SA ... maybe if you took your Hyo to Kawa and asked then to tune and service it you could get the same as i get here (and a bit of jet feul to up the octane a bit).

    I read the manual of it aswell today and it stated that the Hyo takes any octane HIGHER than 93 octane ... thats prolly why it underperforms and is prone to problems in Aus. Just my 2c worth

    Haha ... just so you know ... drove the Kawa ZX-10 today :))))) omg thats my next bike ... unless i get a R1

    Any comments ?
  5. Ahh, by SA you mean South Africa.

    I thought you meant South Australia (this being an Aussie forum and all), hence my comment about 91 octane.

    Also, doing 297 during a test ride here in SA would be madness. They'd lock you up for life and throw away the key. They'd also lock your grandmother up just for good measure.

  6. We can get 91, 95 and 98 octan at pretty much any servo across Australia and even a 100 octane (5% ethanol blend) at a select few... just regular servos.
  7. Got it today .... quite happy with the ride quality (for now) but i constantly have this pain in my wrist to turn the ear full throttle .... cant unfortunately ... still have to do the break-in ... damn :(

    Hopefully i'll be done with the break in within a months time ...