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Hyo Engine gave way... Think i have much hope with warranty?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by raiden337, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Hia Guys,

    First of all thankyou to the biker that slowed beeped and checked i was ok on the corner of westernport and Frankston flinders road.
    Second the engine gave way on the hyo this morning, i was going 90km'h at around 6k revs and there was noise like a peice of metal lettign go and then playing pinball in my engine. the engine still turned and i was able to get onto the side of the road without a lockup.

    I dont hold high hopes of Hyo coming through with the warranty, I have drilled exhast and cut the restriction wire when i first bought the bike so the dead spot would stop annoying me.

    My friend has been through all my problems with the hyo and is considering sellign his b4 he runs into the same issues. The hyo was 17,600K's old, just for fun what do you think let go?

    The engine still turns when you start it, but it makes a metal bouncing noise and a dragging sound when the piston hits the end of its stroke... best way i can visualise the noise
  2. Re: Hyo Engine gave way... Think i have much hope with warra

    fcuk me. What a surprise, another Hyo does a big-end bearing. Your mate is spot on selling his now before his goes.

    Mine did the same at around 15,000k's. Your warranty should be fine provided you take it to a decent Hyo dealer and explain the situation. Go to Staffords in Heidelberg and ask for Ray. He knows all about these issues Before you do that I'd hunt around for a stock exhaust and put it on first - not that that caused your problem, mine wasn't drilled.

    But I have to ask, why the fcuk did you cut the restriction wire yourself instead of taking it to the store to get the flat spot fixed under warranty??? It's a very well known problem!

    *sigh* How old is the bike? If it's a warranty job you won't see our bike for 3 months at least. When you do make sure you sell it or push it off the back of a moving trailer and claim the insurance..

    Cheap ass pieces of shite. Can you tell I hate Hyo's ;)
  3. Could have been a cam chain, could be con rod, could be a valve, rings...dunno!

    I have heard of people getting replacement engines for hyo's under warranty, not sure of the circumstances though.

    Can't hurt to try! Let us know how you get on.
  4. Yup,

    did my restriction wire back when they had the ol' "there is no problem, thats just how carb bikes work" so yeah, I'm an Idiot; i know.

    Moving trailer you say... never thought of that :)
  5. Re: Hyo Engine gave way... Think i have much hope with warra

    But isn't that a design feature of the Hyo's? :LOL: Sorry couldn't resist.

    +1 for Staffords.
  6. Re: Hyo Engine gave way... Think i have much hope with warra

    I really needed a laugh today and got it. Thx
  7. If it's an 07 it's under warranty, they'll probably try and get out of it but if it's the big end giving way they can't blame that on your mods... Just keep mentioning lawyers when they try go blame you and keep mentioning how it nearly killed you...