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Hyia Y'all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Portagrug, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone 8-[

    Some of you might remember me.. im the guy who does a lot of research about bikes and gear and everything else and then finds out he cant afford any of it..

    Well.. a year later and a couple of raises and an new job for Mrs Portagrug its getting closer.. (also i quit smoking so theres $240 a month spare)

    So im here to do some more research and dream a little more and buy some pants and gloves to finish my kit and hopefully.. HOPEFULLY finnish it up by getting a bike..

    1st place is Yami XVS650A (Classic Red if possible)
    2nd place is a suzi GSX650F Lams
    equal 2nd is the GS500F
    and 3rd place is the Suzi intruder 250..

    Im a big bloke (well.. im not tall.. lets leave it at that).. so the bigger bikes will suit me. And the old high school rugby legs will keep em upright..

    So .. anyways.. thats me.. im a fun bloke who loves a laugh and even got so desperate to hit the road that i actually did a group ride as TEC in my Impreza.. THAT WAS FUN! 4Wheels are better than 2 in the corners of the hills.. =D> and im sure some of the boys were happy to stick their gear in my ample panniers (we call em boots) to lighten the load.. :)

    And just remember.. Dont tell me mum! :)
  2. OK, So another try then. :) What is your license/learner status re bikes? What state are you in?
  3. This pay will cover pants and gloves and this has me fully covered in good gear.. (not skimping on gear.. thats just common sense.. )

    then the next pay (monthly) should cover license and some deposit on a bike.. so id like to be on the road early in the new financial year.. :)

    So.. in answer to the question.. im at the drooling stage.. and after a year.. im running out of drool :)
  4. Where abouts are you based Portagrug?
  5. Hey and welcome.

    1st and 2nd choices cant go wrong, but IMO if your a bigger chap like me, I would be staying away from the smaller cc's.
    Also, where u from?
  6. Im in Chadstone Vic.

    And yeah.. would love the bigger CC options.. but i am worried about the extra weight of these units.. (and hell.. the cost.. )