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hydro pack, over/under jacket??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. G'day all, bought myself a 1.5ltr camebak the other day. guy at bike shop suggested I wear it under my jacket with the tube coming out the collar. tried this yesterday afternoon and found it ok but where the tube comes out I find it pushes on my throat a lot and also the tube's movement is restricted. Today i'm going to try wearing it over my jacket. Just currious about how everyone else wears theirs ( I know, on your back) and if there are a few tricks in useing a hydropack while riding.

  2. Definetly over

    Your jacket shouldn't be loose enough to wear it underneath
  3. Most if not all are designed to be over the jacket, they have a protective stripe so when dark, people from behind can see (if they're paying attention).
  4. Ive always had it on the outside of the jacket, wouldnt have ever thought to put on the inside.
  5. Outside always, unless you have a jacket designed for it under. Some of the jackets with aero humps have a hollow inside or you can take a bit out :?
  6. You know, I've been thinkig about some sort of canvas water bottle, sort of like seen on bush 4wds, that would cool the water through evaporation as you ride.
    You could hang it on teh bike somewhere too, instead of on your person?
    I might track one down and see how or if it works.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I have only had one for a week. It has to go over my jacket as it won't fit under it.
  8. i usually wear my backpack.... wear it over,
  9. 10/4,Over :grin: They leak sometimes or when you fill them they can get wet,so why wear a wet rag next to your dry clothes :-k nice on a really hot day,but.
  10. Wear it over.

    On a hot day I'd imagine that it wouldn't be as uncomfortable & sweaty like it would be just against a t-shirt
  11. Over....mine's like a backpack and I sure don't normally wear backpacks under my jacket......
  12. i just got a simple bladder style thing so that lives in my backpack, handy thing is the backpack has a seperate storage for these things... :grin:
  13. It, dosent matter. whatever's comefortable.

    But hope it's not an 'original' camle back, the company and it's owner are activly anti bike.