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Hydration packs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by im.on.it, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm in the market for a backpack style hydration pack. Just looking for what people have experience with I read from athread recently (but can't find it now) that you should look for one with a 90º angle mouth piece as it fits better under the helmet and such.

    Any other gems of info like this you could pass on?

    I saw this one on ebay looks pretty sweet but is 2L enough?

  2. I recently bought a Camelbak Mule, it takes 3 litres and that is way more than I need for a day (unless it's a really hot one!). I generally only fill it to a litre or so to keep weight down. It has the 90 degree mouthpiece which is good for getting under the helmet in my experience.

    I bought this one as it also acts as a small backpack (no storage on my bike). There's room for a camera, some snack food, etc., and it's able to stow a thin top if I get warm and want to take off a layer from under the leathers. It also has an mp3 player pocket if that's your sort of thing. It's very compact and comfortable (not that much larger than a straight hydration pack), don't even realise I'm wearing it once I get going. It wasn't cheap ($159), but it is well made and I'd say it'll last the distance.
  3. I got a FOX one from Peter Stevens that I use for the F1 Grand Prix.

    I take it out on the bike occasionally, but it's a right royal PITA coz it has a 90 degree mouthpiece.

    I need to replace the mouthpiece and tubing. It too has a few pockets that I can fill with stuff.

    Don't remember what it cost but I've seen a few at Rebel Sports that were pretty cheap, around the $50 mark
  4. I got a Camelbak which holds about 1.5 litres, enough for me. I took it interstate for a week recently and used it with my pillion taking turns having a sip when she needed it. Vic's right, they can be a PITA if the mouthpiece is the wrong angle - I find it actually works in my favour coz I don't want the thing in my gob the whole time and will sit up against my helmet waiting for me to chomp forward when I need it.
  5. With my Arai lid it was fine, but this shark has a chin curtain that makes it near on impossible to get the tube in ya head.

    You can come over the top if you pull down on the lid to get the tube over the nose piece :(

    Should do what the F1 guys do and drill a hole in the front of the lid ;)
  6. Hmmm...(puts drill on the charger) :wink:
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  8. i got a denali 1.5litre hydration pack from anaconda. got it for 15bucks after 50%off discount. not sure if it is ok when motorbike riding as their target market is the mountain bike and trekking fraternity but after looking at camelbaks etc. from motorbike shops, these denalis look the same. will have to try it soon and see how it goes.
  9. Just bought a CamelBak Lobo 2 days ago from Wooly's Wheels in Sydney.

    $115 + $10 delivery via their online shop atm. If you go into the shop, they'll try to charge you $149 for it. The bigger Mule mentioned earlier is available for $159 + $10 delivery online - so the markup in the shop is just unacceptable. (The in-shop price for the Mule is $179 - a little more reasonable).

    Holds 3 litres of liquid, 90 degree mouthpiece, and 3.3 litres storage capacity. Easily holds a wallet, keys, phone, an mp3 player, sunglasses case and then not much else but maybe pens, papers. Used it for mountain biking the last 2 days, it's been brilliant. Smallest / cheapest 3 litre Camelbak that also has some storage capacity.

    I checked out some other brand Hydration packs, and really preferred the design of the Camelback. They're quite rugged as my g/f already closed a car door on the drinking tube of her's and it came away completely unscathed.

    As for the capacity - well 3 litres is enough for me to ride my mountain bike fairly energetically for about 3 hours in warm weather - not sure how much fluid you lose when riding in leathers in summer, but I reckon 3 litres should at least do for a similiar time on the bike.
  10. Thanks for the replies all. Can any one comment on insulated tube vs non-insulated tube. seems I'd probably get most use of a hydration pack in summer but a lot of the camelbacks don't have the foam around the hose.
    I've been to 2 stores anaconda and snowgum I might go check out a few more camping stores.
    Also can I pick up some insulation for the tube? Haven't seen any such accessories to attach.
  11. As standard, the water in the exposed bit of tube on my Lobo gets warm. The first half a mouthfull of water is warm and icky and then suddenly refreshing, cold water floods in. Normally I'll spit out the warm water before drinking the cold - might not be an option with a full faced bike helmet.

    Camelback do sell a "Thermal Control Kit". The tube is insulated and has an end cap - says it's good for "extreme summer and extreme winter" conditions. Again I'm using the Wooly's Wheels online store for pricing, and they have it marked for $40.

    Haven't checked the Camelbak site, but on the Wooly's Wheels site click Online Store => Hydration Systems and it's on the third page in I think.
  12. this is a serious question, has anyone put anything bubbly in their hydration packs? does it work? i imagine it would pressurise and give you a gobfull when you bite down.

    hijack - sorry
  13. Joel plans on drink riding..

    on a bike this time, instead of the ugly girl he found last week. :LOL:
  14. My Camelback came with the insulation around the tube.
  15. Ah yes it does. All I saw was the price tag from that link. :oops: :mad: $239 for a drink bottle... :shock: :? nah.

    looks like ebay gets my business again. pretty sure I saw a 90º mouth piece in the shops. will just grab that with the black wolf. Cheers for your input.

    Joel: bloody idiot... :LOL: :LOL: it's not a dehydration pack
  16. It's been a long time and I'm not up with market rates. Received a brotherly discount. Partly due to low $Aus at the time. I believe he mostly deals with Gov't and chicken stranglers.
  17. i was thinking redbull for umm, longer rides ;)
  18. I bought a hydration pack from Harris Scarfe - from their camping section during one of their megasales.

    2L I think.

    Has a small back pack part for small items.

    $40 I think. With a straight nozzle.

    My question is this... how do you clean out the bladder after your done so that nothing funky grows in it in between rides????

  19. i would just rinse it, and once every now and then use that homebrew sanitizer solution to get rid of any nasties.
    if the sanitizer eats your bladder, im not responsible (highly unlikely) :LOL:
  20. I saw some tablets for cleaning the bladder at anaconda in bayswater. I'm sure other camping stores will have something similar.