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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jay77, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Circumstances have changed and in a few weeks I might change bikes.
    Not that there is anything wrong with mine, I just fancy a change.

    I've always liked the Hyabusa, and have read they can be a great tourer.

    I'm hoping someone here can give some knowledge of owning this bike, and it would be great if someone could give me a comparison between this and a GSXR1000.
    My 2010 GSXR1000 was great but way too uncomfortable with my back injury to live with daily.
    I just can't see how a Hyabusa, which is one of the fastest production bikes, have a more relaxed position than a GSXR1000 and be called a good tourer also.

    Obviously I haven't taken one for a test ride yet, I just thought I would get some opinions first :)
  2. A ) Hayabusa
    B ) Have owned neither, but check out cycle-ergo.com for ride positions
  3. The 'Busa is getting on a bit these days.
    Most reviews say go for the Kwak ZX-14 it's the only real competitor and is a much better bike (IMO).

    I am in the market for a ZX-14 at the moment so had to check out the 'Busa - it doesn't compare favourably.

    BTW the M109 to ZX-14/GTR1400 is a well trodden path, I think it's something to do with us not wanting to give up the torque.
  4. Haha your probably right

    The ZX 14 would be my first choice but depending on finances may be just out of range hence why I asked about the Busa

    Going by the link Gurbachen (great link ty) put up it seems the Busa and ZX have very similar positioning to the Gixxer.
    I only had a quick play with it on iPhone so will have to wait till weekend to play with it on computer.

    At this stage it doesn't look good going by the images on the link
    I was hoping the handlebars would be a little higher. Are there any ways to adjust this?
  5. 1Inch and 2inch risers are easily fitted to the handlebars. Typically they take less than 30 minutes and on the Kwak there's no need to change the Std hoses/cables.

    I think they pull back about an inch too.
  6. From what I've read the 'Busa and the ZX-14R are still fairly well matched, with the 14R accelerating faster and the 'Busa having the higher top speed. You could fairly argue that the acceleration is more relevent on the roads though. Both are supposed to be very comfortable for touring though.

    Disclaimer: I'm a 'Busa fanboy, but I do dig the Kwak's too
  7. I think both bikes have waaaay more than enough acceleration and top end for roads :)
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  8. But that's what makes them awesome :D
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    I have a mate with a busa and he likes it.

    I can't help but wonder why you don't consider something like a Speed Triple.
    You seem to go from one extreme to the other but never try something in the middle.
    If you want a comfortable bike that you can be a hoon on, these are the bikes I would consider:

    Speed Triple
    Street Triple
    Aprilia Tuono V4R
    Ducati Hyperstrada
    Ducati Streetfighter
    just for starters
  10. The Busas feel a little longer and lower than the gixxers, but very similar. Usable performance is very similar too.
    TBH for touring, there's much better bikes (like Positron said above). I traded my K8 1000 for a Speed Triple and comfort wise, it's a billion times better. The only real difference is that you can't do the warp speed thing on the Triumph as the wind blast at big speeds is a bit much, but as a road bike, for me, it's brilliant.

    I've still got a gixxer trackbike though :]
  11. I'm certainly going to test ride a speed triple. I want to see what all the fuss is about with them. Maybe I will fall in love with it
    Going from one extreme to another is something I do, but not intentionally :) but I don't see anything wrong with it
    The bikes suggested are nice especially the Z1000 but none I think I would like to spend a lot of time riding the highway with, 85% of my rides are 100km freeway rides with a bit of twistes at each end .
    I think the bikes you suggested are more for urban hoons .
  12. I am quite happy riding naked bikes anywhere and everywhere.
    If you want a really comfortable bike for the freeway maybe somthing like an FJR1300.
    Brusa kicks arse on one of those.
  13. Me too, even on the track. For me, the advantages more than make up for any disadvantages.
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  14. To be perfectly honest, as I've said, although I'm nor big on the styling of the STR, part of me really wants it to blow me away
    They do seem like a fun machine
    But I still want a Busa too lol
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  15. There's just something about the 'Busa, can't explain it
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    The Busa is a nice bike, but I reckon your back is going to suffer for it, espescially if you have a back problem.
    You are gonna love the Speed Triple.
    I am more than happy doing 800 km in a day on any naked bike

    EDIT: I have ridden the Busa but never owned it. What OZmotorcycleleathers says regarding the ergos is spot on.
  17. Take a Blackbird for ride, Dont worry about the age of them, They are super reliable, they are a very comfortable long distance cruiser,

    The warp factor is very similar to both the Kwaka 14 and the Busa,
  18. I would've bought Caz No 2s if it didn't go so fast
  19. If you're spending a lot of freeway time, what about something more tour-oriented? A GTR, ST, that sort of thing? Maybe not so much for scratching at the ends, but most of them are pretty capable these days.

    I love nakeds too, but freeway riding tends to be endured rather than enjoyed. The big tourers - ex-cop bikes are also an option - have a much more upright seating position too.