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Hyabusa powered VW Golf!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, May 17, 2007.

  1. ah- but can it reverse? :p
  2. Meh, there's a mob in the UK that fit bike engines into small cars - pretty sure they were fitting minis with a turbo busa engine at each end :shock: :grin: (with an optional electric reverse).
  3. Wow!

    Imagine if that engine was in something even lighter!
  4. I reckon it would be a good replacement for all those 4AG/SR20 motors that go in Clubmans!
  5. Ktulu, you mean like a bike? and let me think, it could be called busa :)
  6. And who needs reverse when you can whip the tail round on the spot! :LOL:

  7. HAHAHA no, that's a silly name. No-one would calla bike that
  8. I just remembered, Radical Racecars (gay name I know, but the cars are awesome) use Hyabusa motors. There was one running in AF2/Supersports in NSW and QLD State Series and just smashed all the competition and that was without a turbo! The series in UK have them running with turbos!

  9. Mate of mine just picked up the carcass of a sit-down jetski from his boss. We're toying with the idea of dropping a Gixxer engine into it... Maybe we shoudl go with a 'busa instead...
  10. Oh dear god, ive poked a hole in my desk now!!! :oops: :LOL:
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  12. Dunno, but the site does say it's also been fitted with twin ZX-9 or ZX-12 engines.
  13. That VW golf is a crack up. Imagine seeing that happen at traffic lights, it'd blow some fully sick commodores away, o my gawds. :LOL:
  14. It has 2 holes in the floor so you can use your legs
  15. who cares about the car, i would rather have vicky butler-henderson thanks
  16. In terms of putting bike engines into road cars in Aus, the engineering is not the challenge - the problem is emissions rules. Sir, is your Busa engineered car EURO 3 certified? No? Oh well. For the record, a grand total of two motorcycle engined clubmans (built by a pair of brothers) are known to have ever made it through the regs in the fair state of NSW. Vic having the mandate on rigidity has never had a one, and apparently pretty much anything goes in WA :wink:

    The NSW cars where pretty amazing with a driverless curb weight of 440kg and a busa engine. Last one to sell made $65k (apparenlty >$100k went in to getting them built and road legalled - IM240 emissions tests etc not cheap).

    If your just looking for race options there are plenty out there - Vortex and Arrow to name a few locals.
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