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HWY riding...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Takes it up the arse!!!

    Im so never doing that again!

    rode to Melb and back on sat to watch the fight ( was my very first ride to melb to i might add)

    Maybe part of the reason ( or all of the reason) is BC i ride a light weight tiny 250 cruiser but damn ive never had such a work out b4.... It was extremely windy....Just found it punishing and cant for the life of me see why anyone would want to cruise on a hwy for any extended time...

    Doing 110 and copping the wind smashing me around the entire time was bad enough but then u add to that being blown all over the road every time i went over a bridge , being rained on, being cut off by losers who seem to think "merge with caution " only applies to other cars not bikes! and my personal most annoying pet peeve of the day...people in cars over taking me and then cutting me off to slip straight back into my lane like wtf is up with that? if im not speeding along fast enough and you feel the need to over take me then why the hell would you slip right back in front of me and sit there chewing into my precious buffer zone of safety???? forcing me to brake to re create my buffer zone....A-HOLES!

    Was so bad that on the way home i took a few detours but that only saved me a few kms of hwy riding...
    Next trip to Melb, i dont care if it takes me twice as long im finding a scenic route!
  2. AAaaahh, the joys of riding! In time though when you upgrade to a heavier bike you will find the wind wont push you around as much although you still will feel it.
  3. The first part of your problem is that you expect highway drivers to be considerate. Bad Mischief! Don't do it again.

    Secondly, yes a 250 cruiser is going to be blown around a bit. However if you invest in a screen it will help with the headwind. Not much you can do about the crosswinds though.

    Rain? Well that is going to happen anywhere you ride that isn't an underground carpark.

    Now onto the buffer. Cagers don't beleive in buffer zones (yes gross generalisation I know). Zooming around in a 4 wheel disc ABS enhanced steel box makes people forget that they are meant to leave more than a bees dick between vehicles in front or behind them. Just always ride defensively and maintain your own buffer, don't expect others to do it for you.

    I do most of my non-recreational riding on the highways of Victoria and can assure you, it becomes easier and can actually be quite enjoyable when you get into a good cruise, enjoying the countryside etc...

    Don't admit defeat straight away. If riding a bike was meant to be easy any idiot could do it... ;)
  4. You're doing it wrong.
  5. Plus, when you finish a long highway ride on a naked bike you feel as though your abs have had a good workout. Who needs sit-ups? :)

    I'd also vote for the scenic route though Mischief. And there are plenty between Bendigo and the city. They just won't get you there nearly as fast...

    Earplugs and a screen make a big difference too. People have told me I should take off my screen because the bike looks better without it, but I say hell no. I like that little bit of smoother airflow.

    +1 to what the others have said about a heavier bike too. It is amazing what a difference it makes.
  6. Earplugs and a screen make a big difference too

    +1 vote :wink:.

    But a couple of years ago Rosie did Melbourne-Brisbane return on her little 250 crusier; you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

    Under ANY circumstances, don't ride the Hume, though, it's a pig of a road unless you've got a half-ton Gold Wing.
  7. If you have your L-Plate attached to the bike this is the answer. L-plate acts like a magnet for all sorts of losers. Expect this and learn to ride defensively.
  8. OU818- Yes a screen will probably help, not sure if i want to add a screen tho, its looks verses usability i know... lol bit like why i choose to wear uncomfortable stupidly high heeled boots instead of a flat comfortable pair of sneakers ( and yes i still whinge that i have sore feet at the end of the evening..I know i deserve no pity )

    Earplugs? im assuming thats to help with wind noise? I didnt find that an issue, my helmet is pretty good at blocking it all out, plus i was singing to myself * Fly away to the danger zone *( i like the little surround sound thing i have happening in my helmet :rofl: good acoustics )

    Spawn - That is the 1st time ive heard a male saying " taking it up the arse" is wrong :p

    Scenic routes are prettier ....On the way home we took some of the older hwy through Malmsbury etc, we basically had the road to ourselves was great!
  9. It's easier if you get your norks out for me :D
  10. not just the noise, but that is a plus. The biggest thing is that the wind noise is actually quite fatiguing, especially on long trips. dont know why, but it is quite interfering and worth putting up with the mild discomfort of the plugs.
  11. Awww u guys :-s Topless hwy riding... why didnt anyone tell me...
    Im sure that would get me an even smaller buffer zone though Vic...
  12. Looks stop being so important when you're having your arms wrenched out of their sockets for a few hours.

    My fairing doesn't look all that flash, but you can quickly remove it for round-town riding if you want to...

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  13. bahhh try riding a PX vespa on the freeway @ 100km/h on a day where windgusts were upwards of 100km/h

    they weigh less than 100kg have 10" wheels and the front is shaped like a sail

    i swear i was on a 40deg lean to keep it straight

    ahhh the fun...

    on the other hand i had a maxi scoot weighed over 200kg and it was piss easy in windy conditions

    my previous 350kg cruiser was fine in crosswinds but headwinds were a pita, trying to suck you off the bike

    scooters rule for the shit conditions, full frontal protection on a maxi scoot.... you can ride in the pouring rain on some scoots and not get a drop on you....awesomeness
  14. You said it like it was a bad thing ;)

    Anyway, hmm, something on-topic.

    Get a gel seat / fur :D
  15. 3921123058_ac747dae55_o.

    Notice how the body of the motorcycle is used to deflect wind.
  16. If you dont like the idea of a full screen, you can get one cut right down which will help a bit with the wind problem and not stand out as much as a full screen will. I dont think I could ride without some sort of screen, its too exhausting without one in strong winds. Although when I had my 250cc it didnt really make a huge difference, the bike was so lightweight it almost felt like it would fly away on the wind gusts. (very stressful) Also, try to get some experience first on quiet country roads, there are so many things to watch out for on a major highway so its a good idea to get the feel of the bike where theres no pressure on you to avoid idiots on the road as well. I know you havent had the bike for long and taking it out on the highway is a big step straight off but good on you for doing it!
  17. Thanks Ametha Elf... Yeah most of the riding i do is at 100 km and always on the look out for road side jumpers ( roos, wabbits n birds) due to where i live so i thought the hwy would be ok...I actually felt safer on the hwy bc i could see what was around me, riding on the country roads knowing how the roos love to bounce out of nowhere scares the crap out of me...Ive collected a few with my car and seeing what they do to my cars turns my stomach when i think of the bike lol....

    I love it when i get to Bendigo and i can just relax on 60 and 80 kms, its such a pleasent change....Until that rouge pedestrian jumped out in front of me that is LOL

    You are right about the light weight bike tho, i really feel like im going to be sucked right off it, or that both me and the bike are going to just be blown off the road lol...gets the heart going thats for sure...

    Vladpp..See i was trying to do this but the cruiser just wont play ball with me[-(

    Spawn... We on the same page now :angel:

    EDA Andrewd LOL im not getting on a Vespa any time soon so ill just take your word on that one champ haha
  18. I remember crossing Bolte Bridge during a storm on a 150 95kg moped.
    At one point I changed lanes against my will due to a massive cross wind. Guy in the ute next to me looked as scared as I probably did :LOL:
  19. The light weight of the 250 is working against you as is the sitting position. With a standard bike, ie: sitting upright with your feet underneath it is easier to transfer weight to the pegs to lower your center of gravity.
    I rode the Oregon coast his past June and the winds were so powerful that we were almost in a half standing position to put weight as low as possible. Running in a pack of 5 bikes it was the cruisers that seemed to take the worst of it as we got rocked with wind blast after wind blast.
    As for the cagers, my mindset is that they are all idiots, they are trying to kill you but you are invisible. Ride accordingly.
    Don't let one painful road trip discourage you from doing it again.
  20. I must admit I struggle when riding in gusty winds of 30kts or more. I rode from Brisbane to Lismore a few weeks back in those conditions, it was also around 38-39 degrees and I seriously doubted my sanity considering I didnt see too many other bikes out that weekend.