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Hw to make a 270kg bike stop better.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. How to make a 270kg bike stop better, plus some other improvements!

    Why should sportsbikes have all the fun!
    Get rid of 270mm stock rotors, replace with 320mm FJR rotors, holes drilled out to fit existing 10mm bolts, you can see the originals overlaid on the new ones here:
    Obtain some used six piston Tokico calipers, because they are cheap, like me!
    Mock it all up on the bike:
    Make caliper brackets out of 10mm steel plate as per measuring and some educated guesses, trin calipers here and there with a grinder and drill out mounting holes:
    Bolt it all together and bleed like crazy:
    Grin like a kid at christmas every time you brake or see your bike side on\\:D/
    Bike went from a solid four finger pull to stop moderately hard to a nice medium two finger pull to detach your retinas.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Good work bro
  3. top work!

    love seeing people retro-fit parts in a true backyard shed-DIY-style!
  4. Oh yeah, I also shed a whole kilogram off the swing arm by fitting an aftermarket ZRX brake torque link, one kilo is a huge amount off suspension parts!
    And I fitted some custom cams, ground for midrange grunt. They have 1mm more lift, much faster opening and closing ramps but less overall duration, get the ports flowing faster at low valve lift, improve cylinder filling. There has been no loss of top end with these cams:
    I also fitted a new cam chain and tightened up the cam overlap a bit (had the exhaust cam sprocket redrilled for 7 degrees less duration), to improve cylinder filling in the midrange, torque is what moves big bikes!
    I also had a coil fail, and new OEM colis cost a bomb, so I went with a nice pair of Dyna coils:
    Note that all these mods have been done when something was due for replacement anyway, so the cost is not a huge issue.
    The bike is an evolution if you will, always something in my mind that will be done at some stage!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. The age of the "tinkerer" is not dead. Well done.
  6. Andrew, "Bodger Extraordinaire"!!!!

    Top stuff, mate, those discs look fantastic even if they didn't stop you any better!!!
  7. I admit, I could've gone with 290mm rotors and four piston calipers, but as you say, just look at em!
    Looks are just as important as function I reckon.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Re: How to make a 270kg bike stop better, plus some other improvements!

    Nice work indeed :wink: How much clearance between the disk and your bracket? Looks pretty tight. What mods did you need to do to the caliper?

    Always interested in improving the breed.

  9. :-k :-k Keh???

    Oh man... I can't wait 'til I actually start understanding all these terms and recognising parts... 8-[
  10. Re: How to make a 270kg bike stop better, plus some other improvements!

    The only mods to the caliper were drilling the threaded mounting holes out to 10mm and grinding a little off the inside of the top mounting surface to get the caliper parallel to the rotor.
    The 10mm plate is too thick for this setup, I had to clearance it around the disc rivets so they wouldn't hit, they were just touching. 8mm plate would be better.
    There is someone else doing this conversion, I have done a revised set of drawings that they are making some more mock up brackets from. I think this will take into account a few small adjustments my originals need, just to get the pads exactly centred over the rotors. Once the revised design is mocked up and done, I'll post it up here.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Re: How to make a 270kg bike stop better, plus some other improvements!