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Huzzah! Full licence today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cris, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. I haven't visited much here lately, and due to life's travails that'll likely continue for a little while. But I can't resist posting that I got my full licence today. Yay! That makes me some kind of motorcycle rider I reckon, even if still a baby one -- at 52 ;)

    I started with some trepidation in a TAFE car park in May last year, and have covered about 20k kms since those first circuitous wobbles. I've a long way to go in terms of skills, but, well, I do intend to go a long way yet.

    To the newbies and potential newbies out there, young and old alike, get cracking. Take it steady(ish), learn as much as you can in those first enthusiastic months, stay humble (easier for some than others I know), and get some kms under your belt.

    Now I'm going to find a speed camera on the Pacific hway and go to and fro past it at 110 ('cause I've never been over 90 before naturally).
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  2. Lol!

    Congrats, Cris! Never too old *ancient* to start! I'd like to see that. Perhaps you can do a wheelie at the same time? 8-|
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  3. Cheers KupeKupe . As for the wheelies, I think they're only achievable on my CB500X in 1st/2nd -- and I've only done so once by mistake ;)
  4. Well done Cris.
    Happy riding at 110!
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  5. Congrats CrisCris you got me by two months reaching unrestricted license but it's a draw in years under the belt department. Make sure you smile if you get your picture taken haha good job.
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  6. Congrats! I got my fulls in April and went out and bought a Triumph, went from 24Hp to 105hp.... Scared the crap out of me and as for wheelies, 1st, 2nd and third..... :)
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  7. Congrats fellow rider the older we get the fastest we were!!!!!
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  8. Great news, congratulations CrisCris! 90 km/h on the highway is just so...90 km/h. :-/
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  9. Congrats :]
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  10. Congrats CrisCris, I know how you feel, when I was on restrictions it was 80 km/h on a 250cc(largest bike we were allowed, a long time ago) enjoy the roads at warp speed (y)
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  11. Thanks for the good wishes all. I thought when I signed up for a pre-learners course last year that I was just getting into a new form of transport. It's turned out to be way more than that. Damned marketers have spoilt all the applicable words (passion? lifestyle? yeeuch). But anyway, riding's bloody good ;)
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  12. As Jabba said: Drunken wheelies with a pillion. Congrats.
    Ah dang I'd forgotten that (cars too) how to make someone feel old.
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  13. So.... Are you getting a 1700 cruiser or a Hayabusa?:3:3
  14. Hey this is a nice thread. Let's steer clear of religion.
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  15. well done. congrats
  16. well done ride smart & have fun8-|
  17. Let me add my congratulations. From one 'old silver' to another.
  18. Thanks guys. I've had several rides now as a qualified fledgling, including a great few hours on last weekend's gloriously warm and sunny Sunday. It feels good. The enthusiasm is not waning one bit!
  19. May I also add my congrats!... I've only a few more weeks before I too become fully fledged. I too am also looking forward to actually riding at 110!... it must be nice to finally keep up with traffic :)
  20. hellcathellcat Oh it is. On Sunday I actually overtook a cop car which was doing just under the limit on the Pacific highway. For the last year that would have risked a licence suspension, so it caused a momentary heart palpitation ;) Enjoy your day when it comes.