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Husqy designs the world's first off road motorcycle ABS.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Well well well, all the "nay sayers" must have been onto something since Husqvarna have designed an ABS specifically suited for off road... I suspect they had to because it's a BMW corporate position that all their bikes have ABS.

    The driving force, need and stats are questionable, but the more I see manufacturers getting real about motorcycle ABS, the more reasonable I think it's place in motorcycling is. The first implementations were clumsy in their need, ideology, execution and were carcentricity being applied to motorcycling... but this Husqy implementation and the sophistication of the S1000RR's ABS has got me thinking.

    cjvfr [MENTION=19425]cjvfr[/MENTION], this ABS article might be worthy of putting on the news page :)


  2. Dont know about that one,unsprung weight at as a minimum,it would have to be bloody sensative to react fast enough.At least BMW is stepping up with the Husky R and D,bit of a local pun,my dealer Stef at R and D Husky at Emu Planes
  3. That a couple of the Dirtbike World blokes and I have no idea what was happening there,it looked like angle gear
  4. Yawn.

    Seriously, did someone translate that spiel from Swedish to Chinese to German and THEN to English???
  5. So anyway... ABS for dirt bikes... doesn't anyone want to discuss the implications?

    Anyway, another article: http://www.pistonheads.com/roadtests/doc.asp?c=47&i=24631

    and another: http://www.fasterandfaster.net/2011/11/husqvarna-develop-off-road-abs-tech.html

    Fellers, this is big news.

    But actually I think the bigger news is why a fully fledged dirt company has gone with ABS on the dirt... there's a story behind that decision... I smell a cynical company policy at play... and to make it work, they had to redesign the implementation to shoe horn it on a dirt bike.
  6. you wont find on a dirt bike with abs.

    its only on there because bmw said so.
  7. If its faster like Husky claims we will see the other manufacturers do it as well.
  8. husky havent ever had a competitive motocross bike so its really turd polishing.
  9. Didn't Meo win the Enduro world championship on a Husky? I guess that isn't motocross.
  10. Another interesting article about the development:

  11. ABS mandatory in 2017 in EU, thats pretty sucky. builds up a reliance of not doing it yourself. at least with dual sports its switchable.

    i dont see it happening in motocross bikes for a long while yet, some mx race bikes don't even run fuel injection.
  12. I don't regret the development of abs on bikes generally, now that they are becoming more sophisticated etc. Although, I believe they should go hand in hand with traction control, so that the picture is complete. (I believe they should be a "package") not sold separately.

    But when I was dirt riding...mainly weekend warrior enduro racing/riding, I used the rear brake a lot for direction changes and would lock the wheel down especially steep sections to keep the rear end behind me. Not all the time, but when I thought I wanted to.
    Not being able to do that because of abs would be undesirable.but I can also envisage times where it would be quite useful.
    Perhaps off road bikes in general are ridden differently now, although I can't imagine why.

    But maybe it works quite well, for the average punter...and not just for racing.