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Husqvarna TE310

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Captn Spock, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have opinions about this bike for a first dirt bike? I am considering this at somepoint this year along with the suzuki drz400. Any thoughts appreciated?

  2. What year model ???
    The 2010 was based on the bigger older motor. I would hunt for the 450.
    The 2012 is based on the newer 250. Shorter stroke, higher revving and lighter motor. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.
    It really will depend on your riding ability. For most they will be quicker on the DR for some time.
    Huskies out of the crate are set up for excitement more so than pure speed. The power comes on hard in a small range and the suspension is woefully stiff.
    The egro's are like no other and take a while to get use too.
    The fuel range is a joke.

    I absolutely love them. With time, understanding and a little tinkering they can be set up so well. They are the kind of bike that stays in your heart long after they are gone.
  3. Thanks mate for your input. I have additional questions.

    I was looking for 2011+ model. Setup for excitement more so than pure speed? So "top end" on them isnt great?

    Is the fuel range low due to small tank or more fuel consumption?

    Lastly, have you owned/ridden drz400 or the ktm exc-f 350?

    I think, i am toying between the husky t310, suzuki drz400 and the ktm exc-f 350. I am convinced I need a 4 stroke enduro rather than a 2 stroke.

    Thanks for your inputs :)
  4. Never have owned a DR400. But I have ridden quite a few. And KLX400's.
    I have owned a KTM 525 & 200 2stroke (my fav dirty ever) and a husky TE610 and had a 450 motard for a take homer for a few weeks.
    I totaled the Katoom a few months ago. Didn't make a double...my fault. I am just not fit enough these days to ride that bike hard for any length of time.

    No the Huskies are set up for all top end grunt. Not much off the bottom and it comes on hard in the upper mid range. Not as bad as they use to be or say the TM's. Add stiff suspension and they are hard to keep in a strait line till you are going at a rapid pace. More pace than the bike has grunt.
    The fuel is a lot to do with only 7.5lt in the tank... unless the 12's are larger. And the way they put out the grunt.
    I have not heard much of the 11 & 12's yet. I know the new 250 motor was getting rave reviews. mainly for how light they were and how quick it revved up.

    The DR's are cheap and cheap to maintain. They will take upa lot less of your time. And a good chance be more reliable and last longer. They will not beat you up as much, making the riding more pleasurable. As a trail bike they cant be beat. And as I stated most are more confident on the DR so in turn quicker. The DR will be quicker up to a certain point. Then it will fall to bits politely and nicely.
    The DR will get you up a gnarly gooly infested hill much easier than the peakier motors of the TE/WR's so forth.

    Bang for bucks will come from an honest self evaluation.

    I would take the 2011 or 12 husky as I could not help myself. For mine a perfect bike. It will go as hard as you want it too. And not beat the crap out of you for it. I would have to get back into training in a serious way or it would hurt me lol
    I envy your choice.
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  5. Sounds like the drz might be the machine for me. I can get. Drz plus all gear for less than I can get the husky.

    The only problem might be my height. The look really tall and I am only 5'10" :(
  6. My 05 TE 250 was tall,I am 5 10.You can have them lowered by most pro suspension tuners,it does loose ground clearance.The best Husky site is Husky Café,good bunch there.The Husky is an out and out race bike.The have a close ratio 6 speed box that will get you accelerating like a missile but they don't have a high 6ths,overdrive style.That limits there ability as a trail bike.They end up reving hard if you need to do transport links between trails,they will do it but its not fun.You want a bike to win a Gold Medal in the 6 day thats it.You want an all day comfy ,slightly heavy competent trail bike that wont beat you up and will chug up 90% of doable hills,the Drz is you tool.BTW I LOVE my Husky
    I have had them for 25 years
  7. I owned a new 2004 TE250 between 04-07. After some initial valve issues that alot of 250four bangers suffer from (fixed under warranty) I was a very happy man indeed. One of those bikes I regret selling....

    So much so that I'm buying a 2012 TE310 next week. Testing it tomorrow just to be sure the 310 will perform every bit as good as the 250....can't wait.

    Thankfully the racing ECU/injector combo is now free with 11/12 models and really cleans up the strangled tune designed to pass ADR emission reg's. The pit tent will come in handy too :) Putting on a few extra's like Ti full system, bark busters etc....

    Will post pics and a new thread once I actually own her - how did the OP go, did you end up buying something earlier in the year? (bit of a thread dig I know....)
  8. had an old 90's te410,
    i swear that thing breathed fire, was an monster of a bike.
    used to spit flames out the exhaust (not talking a puny little backfire.... i mean 2 feet of flames), and when you twisted the wrist, you had to pull yourself back on the seat.

    i miss that bike:(
    only real dirty that scared me (though i was 14 or 15). but it was still a very manageble bike, it only weant as hard as you wanted

    but it was a heavy sucker, and the lh kickstart was a big pita.
    if i had the money id have a simmilar era te610 to sit next to my wr250 for when i want more powa.
  9. I love the bark of the old 610's
    A lot of tour companies in Africa and the Andie's use the old 610 still. Says something for their reliability and longevity.
  10. TBH a DRZ400 is a really reliable bike and good but is heavy :( good sm machine though!!!

    a good mx or enduro 250cc bike could be fine depending on your weight. but the 310 should be a mix between the 250cc nimbleness and handling as well as a big bored 250cc. So all in all a Husky machine being "exotic" and not Asian, it will require a bit more maintenance than some other bikes in that class. Just be ready to change oil & air filters very frequently, well at least how I've been reading and testing them.