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husqvarna sold to ktm CEO

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by spenaroo, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. did a search couldnt find a thread on here,

    husqvarna has been sold to the CEO of KTM,
    this is a real suprise to me, and intrigues me as to what will be done with it.
    seeing as ktm already has husaberg. (though husqvarna is now owned by the ceo, not ktm itself)

    so what are your thoughts and predictions?
  2. saw a thread earlier about bmw selling them... I find it kinda sad cause husqi appeal to a different segment tham bmw and i can't see bmw cracking that market any time soon... despite the s1000rr.

    as long as KTM don't make husqi ugly then it should be all good :)
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  4. This whole deal is a bit of a puzzle, the only thing we know so far is that the sale was to Pierer Industrie AG, a company owned by one Stefan Pierer, who is also the CEO of KTM.

    The previous rumour of KTM buying Husqvarna sounded strange to me since Husky has nothing that KTM could possibly need. As far as development goes it at best duplicates the work KTM has already done, and as for access to manufacturing facilities or dealer networks... please, Husky is a very small company, nothing to gain here. It isn't even worth buying in order to squash the competition, not with the sales numbers it's been posting in recent years while KTM has been going from strength to strength.

    So what does this deal mean? Possibly that Mr. Pierer for whatever reason wants to have a go at it alone, rather than working under the umbrella of KTM/Bajaj (let's not forget Indian company Bajaj is the major stakeholder in KTM - maybe a majority stakeholder by now?)

    The other issue of interest is the future direction of the new company. The recently published sales figures painted an interesting picture, with Husky taking a beating in their traditional area of expertise (off road bikes) but posting overall increase in sales nevertheless, thanks to the decent sales of their road-going models, Nuda and more recent Strada/Terra. Now, these bikes were developed with a lot of assistance from BMW, being based as they were on BMW engines. It will be interesting to see whether Husky will continue to have access to these engines and whether it will continue developing road bikes or whether it will try its luck returning to its roots as a maker of mostly off-road bikes.
  5. Agreed, strange especially with husky having all those new bikes with BMW engines, are they worth anything without BMW, they must be selling them those rights as well.

    Why not see if the new 650s sell at least.
  6. i love husqi's bikes... i just didn't buy one. I'm guessing too many people are the same.

    GMW sold range rover back to ford after swapping to all BMW engines... probably a tad easier for ford to swap out though.
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  8. Not a word of that interview makes sense to me. KTM *is* the brand that competes off-road with Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, and they also already have the hardcore Husaberg (and not doing much with it so far, I might add). What on earth do they need another off-road brand for? Unless they are going to reposition KTM purely into road bikes...

    I also have to disagree with his opinion that Husqvarna has 'completely wrong model lineup and is on completely the wrong track', given that their road-going bikes are the only ones that were selling of late...

    but oh well, whatever - it's not my money :) Maybe they know what they are doing and maybe they are not telling the whole story. We'll see.