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Husqvarna SM510R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by [FLUX], Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Am I crazy to consider one of these as a 2nd bike?

    Am interested in any considered feedback about the bike, or the SM450R.
  2. are you getting one for the road or purely the track? with tards you really need to know what you want as racespec ones are pretty different to streetable ones

    go the 450 over the 510. the 510 has a much worse reputation mechanically (read blow up more)and isnt gonna be much faster. but they are both very race spec bikes.

    if you are after something for the street go the sm610. more torque, stronger gearbox, larger sump, will last twice as many k's with much less servicing. larger fuel tank ect ect ect and you dont need it to be as superlight on the street. or a ktm625 or something

    but it still needs allot of care compared to a 675.

    will be fun though.
  3. Are you referring to the pre-EFI 510 motors, or the 2008 onwards 510 motors which are meant to be more reliable?

    What exactly are the service requirements on the 450/510R?

    Bike use is primarily intended as a recreational twisty road carver.
  4. not 100% so check on their website (may have online manuals if they are as good as KTM) or go to www.vsmr.net your home for all things seriously motard. theres a few guys on there that are or have run both 450 and 510

    but from knowing simmilar machines your talking a maximum of 500kays between services.
  5. if your buying new. and are willing to take a chance hoping that aprillia have sorted their shit out in terms of fixing the dogy seals that plauged recent apes i think it would be hard to go past an sxv550 if your looking for basically a racebike that can be ridden on the road and that you can occasionally do some twistie work on.

    or be really unique and take your chances on the 09 husabergs ....they look absolutley devastating.... but again they are definetly not "my first motard" material. will be a big shock if you end up spending a fortune on it if your not expecting it.

    or if you want more reliability and k's out of it look at the 610.

    or you could tard a jap mxer or kato 530 and keep the wheels from some dirty dirty fun
  6. I wouldn't ever buy one, but with the 2 year warranty the worst that will happen is you're waiting for it to get fixed for two years then cop the absolutely horrible resale value that they have.

    Converted KTM would be good, but the $$ add up.

    For a 2nd bike I honestly wouldn't go past some of the ridiculously cheap SXV's you can still pick up either brand new or with less than 1000k's on them. Make sure it's sealed, triple clamps, and some decent brake pads and you've got a cracker of a bike . The motor and chassis makes it well worth coming to grips with the known quirks of the model.
  7. I had another belt on Andy's KTM the other day and that was a fine old giggle. Whatever you go with, you'll have a ball. Bad news for you though - you're going to have to learn to wheelie.
  8. No, but you'd be mad not to have a play on a 'berg FS650e before buying.
  9. Yes

    Is KTM. Is good :grin: :grin:
  10. Is tractor. :LOL:
  11. Don't get a motard they are boring.

  12. I'm tired and grumpy at the moment, so excuse the tired and grumpy attitude in the following post.

    I do get a little tired of all the motard posturing. "Don't buy that, it's a piece of shit!". "Get a 6xx cc bike". "The 6xx cc bikes are tractors/cadillac's". "It's a race bike and you'll spend more time servicing it than riding it."

    Maybe I should start again and just say what I reckon I want, and someone can tell me the bike that fits the bill. Oh, I just visited the local Husqvarna dealer, we pulled out the manual, and the service intervals for the street version of the SM510R are every 5000kms. For the race kit version it's every 5hrs.

    Now, before people go on to tell me that some bike is shit and falls to bit, please let me know if you're referring a race-spec version of some bike, which is NOT what I want nor do I really care about.

    If I'm going motard, I'm after a ~110-120kg dry bike. I'm after 50-60hp. I'm after 5000km service intervals at a minimum. I can deal with a 9-10L tank. I accept that motards are basically dead money in terms of resale value. I'd like a bike that would last me for up to 100,000kms.

    Is there any bike that will fit that bill? If not, or if it all gets too confusing/scary, I'll pretty much say "fcuk that shit for a joke", and walk away from the idea entirely.
  13. There is no motard that weighs that much, with that much horsepower, with *realistic* 5000km service intervals, and will last you 100,000km's. I believe you could build your own with something like an LC4 or XTX motor in an MX frame, but at this point it doesnt exist.

    Actually, I'm not sure why I'm bothering. Cheer up dude.
  14. Thanks for the honest reply. I'll keep researching/lowering my expectations.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I think you may be right.
  16. KTM LC4. Around 50-55hp stock. An SXC converted to motard is the way to go. Stock flatslide carb & competition alloy single exhaust. Fit whatever brakes you want. Around 125-130 kgs. It will not last 100,000kms. If you think you're gunna get road bike kms out of any sub 130kg motard you're dreaming. The LC4 rattles and shakes like a motherf#cker.
    A performance/semi performance motard is not your average jap crotch rocket. Boring reliability should not be taken for granted. They may blow up at any moment without warning. But thats half the attraction. You become involved with them in a way that's far more rewarding than simply bolting bling onto your average plastic fantastic.
    Change the oil around 2500-3000kms and filters every second oil change. Fiddly oil change -yes. You will get your hands dirty. Screw and locknut valve adjustments at 5000kms. You will get your hands dirty.
    If I get between 40 & 50,000kms out of mine between freshen ups I will be extremely happy. If the engine let go tomorrow I would rebuild it in an instant. (It's done about 21,000 so far including 8,000kms in the dirt)
    The LC4 has been around over 20 years with a program of refinement rather than wholesale changes. They are a strong engine design. You can rebuild to whatever spec your heart desires. Capacity up to 660cc's with stock off the shelf parts. Cams, cranks, pistons, full Ti exhaust systems, whatever. 70 hp can be had without too much trouble (so I am led to believe -never seen a dyno chart)
    Happy now Captain cranky? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. +1
  18. I'm not afraid to service a bike, change oil, check clearances, and get my hands dirty. That's not my issue at all. My issue is that I cover a lot of kays, and I'd hate to spring for something that I'll be forever servicing.

    Reliability is not boring. Boring is standing on the side of the road for three hours waiting for your mate to pick you up after the bike has broken down for the fourth time that year.

    I still want a machine that's light and punchy though. I just don't want it to fall in a heap if I exceed the service interval by 2 hrs, or whatever.
  19. which is why i was suggesting the sm610 or ktm 625. (rather then the more boring dr650, yammy xt660x drz400)

    believe it or not ~140 feels pretty damn light. i have ridden the 610 feels extremley light coming of a sportbike and my heavy DR and it goes farkinwell. i have also seem (but never ridden) some damn damn damn fast 625's and 640s that can embarress some short strokes on the track.

    theese 2 bikes are good for a reasonable ammount of k's in the motard world but will still kick some arse in the twisties.

    just google sm610 crazy riding on youtube lol great vid.

    im just biased against the 510 cause after speaking to an owner who has owned the 450, 510 and 610. he cursed his 510, loved the 450 and the 610.

    anyway thats enought of my 2c (im hipocritically looking at a 510cc (not husky) atm anyway lol)
  20. I had actually looking at the Husaberg FS650e's earlier this year, but came to the conclusion that they weren't being imported into Australia. I look again now and see that there's a guy on the R1 Forum from Brisbane who has one, so now it's back on my list.

    I've given up hope of Yamaha making a WR450X, although it looks like you could just fit WR250X parts to a WR450F, and end up with the equivalent of a WR450X, but the WR450F doesn't come in a road registerable format. You'd need a WR450R for that, but Yamaha don't make one of those either.

    I was steering clear of KTM's, mainly for pricing/weight reasons. They seem to cost around $3-4K more than anything else, and seem to carry a fair deal of extra weight, unless you're talking about the 5xx models, for which weights not a problem but price still is, and if you read various forums, it seems that the engine is ready to pop at any minute. The 2008 690SMC would appear to be the pick of the KTM range for weight/power, but it's hardly class leading and is quite pricey.

    This is what lead me to the Husqvarna SM510R. The SM610 just seemed a little too removed from the motard concept of superlight.

    I dismissed the DRZ400SM mostly because everyone who has one seems to complain about them being a bit heavy and lacking power.

    ie. Imagine a Yamaha WR450X, or a Husaberg FS650e, and you're close to the mark on what I personally think I want from this new bike I'm considering. I just didn't think that the FS650e's were available in Oz.

    Maybe I'm just too picky. I don't want staid and boring, but I also don't want a bomb waiting to explode if I take it out for a 600km ride, and believe me, that's what I'd do with it. Aside from 50kms to/from the hills, I'd not leave a tight winding road for the rest of the day.