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Husqvarna SM450R

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  1. MOS submitted a new showcase item:

    Husqvarna SM450R

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  2. This bike makes me very excite.
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  3. i heard slipper clutches were for pussies..
  4. How many kms have you done on this bike so far?
    I'm considering getting a TE449
  5. That's it fistycuffs at high noon, I demand satisfaction...
  6. At the moment no idea, it had about 20,000 on it at the end of last year when I pulled the speedo off, done a fair few race meets and some track days on it since then I put a new crank, piston and valves in around march.

    But there's no point really comparing the 449 and 511 are BMW era and completely different bikes, they have more in common with the BMW GX450 than earlier model husky's.
    I have no personal experience with them but as far as reliability heard they're alot better than the MV era (mine)
  7. OK Cheers