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Husqvarna Nuda 900R review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RRdevil, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. So did the deal today and thought is give a quick once over review of the husky for anyone who may be interested as they are no longer making them because bmw have on sold the brand and the new owner has canned the road based segment. I will endeavour to split the review into relevant parts.

    Engine: the nuda 900 features a bored and stroked engine from the bmw f800 and has also had the crank pins moved 45 degrees. The engine is a peach and coming off a superbike I find that power is fine where it is needed for road use. Two mode switchable (on the fly) mapping tones down the curve wheb in wet conditions. I must say the difference isn't night and day between maps but it is there and I did use it in the wet on the way home and tried to be ham fisted.

    Exhaust: amazing bark from a stock exhaust is all in can say. First bike I've owned I haven't felt like changing at least the end can

    Front brakes: those brembo mono blocs are phenomenal and just reminded me how good they make them. I could see how a learner could get caught out by them as the seat height is rather tall. Front master cylinder is brembo and so are the levers. Excellent feel through the lever. Must practice emergency stops again as wide bars makes massive difference.

    Rear brake: works as well as any other. Abs is fitted to the bike but the only abs ring i could see was on the back wheel. Not sure how the system works but more research is required. Btw it felt no different to normal braking setup. I may be a convert but we shall see.

    Front boingers: so the R has fully adjustable Sachs gear and it is the first bike I have had that featured this brand. It's early days to see if I can set then up well enough without needing new spring and shim gear but the front feels planted at stock settings one thing is a little too much dive under brakes but I should be able to dial that out. I'll include the bars in this part as they are part of the intuitive package. The bars are wide....very wide and remind me very much of my dirt bike days. They take minimal effort to turn and the front feels almost intuitive. I do however feel more of a necessity to push the front of the bike down into corners like a dirt bike/motard and I found I have already dragged pegs and also destroyed any chicken strips that may have been on the tyres when I picked it up (it was a demo).

    Rear boinger: ohlins (nothing else need be said)

    Overall fit/finish: absolutely excellent quality in such a tight package. The bike is ugly but in a beautiful edgy kind of way...a lot like myself :D

    So my husqvarna experience so far is positive and can't wait to get back on it again (im going to be commuting whenever the opportunity arises...doesn't always because I have so much gear to carry)

    So to anyone thinking of a different kind of bike that is simply off the shelf fitted with some top notch kit have a look at the NUDA R from husqvarna. From reviews I have read these bikes are being classed as 'urban motards' an apt name. Closest competition however I feel would be a Ducati monster 1100. Yes the husky has 200 less cc but it makes more power and I feel it is for those who want something like a monster but want to stand out from the crowd.

    I'm also kind of glad husky have stopped building them as I have something unique (havent seen many on the road around my area) so hopefully it will become a cult icon in an ugly kind of way (then again Ducati did build the 999 and also the new panigale which I think is ugly as sin)

    And finally it's been a strange journey as my whole life I have spent my riding on fully faired sports bikes. This has opened my eyes to the other awesome possibilities.
  2. Nice write up mate - sounds like you've got yourself one tasty mistress :D

    Post pics - ride her hard.....
  3. Nice

    How is the windblast especially coming from the superbike.
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  4. It's actually okay. That little screen seems to move the air up and over. Haven't had it over 130 kph yet but it was okay at that and it's more for commuting and finding really tight roads so wind blast is not really in the equation. I do note husky make a small screen for the front though.

    My son insisted he sit on it this afternoon
  5. Be interested what you think of it when you get it over 130kmh, on a track of course.

    I really like the Nuda look.
  6. I'll probably hate it over 130 but then again it is what it is. I made the purchase to slow down and enjoy my rides rather than feel I need to push a sport bike everywhere I go. I really like the look too. You wouldnt believe the note the stock pipe makes.
  7. I dont think it will slow you down that much except in a straight line, but I guess that will be good for the license.

    Yeah I heard one being test ridden a few months ago, I think I am glad that I didnt ride it, would of been a costly rode no doubt.
  8. Where's the ruddy pics mate?
  9. On Julia's dart board.
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  10. That's quite funny Blabbs.
  11. uploadfromtaptalk1370953395529.
    Only pic so far other than the one with my boy in it. Will take more soon
  12. No frills there. All business and a seat. :)
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  13. If only I had the cash floating around, I'd snap one of these up in a heartbeat!
  14. Not in body work but the extras like brembos and ohlins certainly add to the appeal. Like I said previously it's ugly in a nice way
  15. When does the tank arrive ?
  16. It doesn't need a tank. Just a tiny opening. You see it runs on the tears of useless whinging noobs. One drop stores as much energy as a 1 megaton nuclear weapon
  17. Noobs...Jesus loves you, not so sure about the Devil :D
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  18. uploadfromtaptalk1371013755646.
    Jesus loves the devil too. I introduced him to all the good things in life. Cocaine. Hookers and booze

    More pictures as requested


    <mod edit - 3 x photo's showing numberplate removed as requested>
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  19. Shed needs a bit of work.
  20. What do you suggest?