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Husqvarna Nuda 900(R)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. G'day All

    So, DuaneDiddley has been singing the praises of the Nuda, and I found it in my periodic trawl for naked successors to the Bandit.

    I'm only 173 cm, so it might be tall for me, but something like this could be a lot of fun, I think. The importer is on the Gold Coast where I am, so one of the worries - that they're new and there are relatively few of them in the country - is allayed a bit.

    Have been looking at bigger ones, like the Superduke, B-King, K1300R and such, but the Nuda has as many horses as the Bandit and is 80 kg lighter...

    There are Moto Morinis, Aprilias, MV Agustas and such in this sector as well.

    It's still a while away, so I won't even be riding one for a bit: just looking for a chat.
  2. When I first saw them I thought they looked al right (http://www.husqvarnamotorcycles.com.au/news-article.asp?aid=33&t=Husqvarna+900)
    Still like the look of them, thought I would also be keen to hear other peoples opinions/reviews.

    How are other Husqvarna bikes? Are they reliable? (I'v never really looked at them)

    Also, their was a thread on the Nuda 900 not too long ago, maybe if you try a search you might find it and I'm pretty sure it had some good info in it.
  3. Heh, everyone seems to have multiple-post disease at the moment!

    Did the search already, found stuff on the bike in other threads and read it, but not a dedicated thread, hence starting one since it might be useful to others.

    Should probably have reminded the regulars and told the n00bs that I'm in the vicinity of 100 kg and mostly commute in short bursts around the Gold Coast. Few trips a month up the freeway to Brisbane, few (but wish I'd make time for more) blats through the twisties in the Gold Coast hinterland.
  4. Edit: Yep, not immune to double post disease. ;)
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    Husky is owned by BMW now so I wouldnt worry too much about reliability. The f800 which is what the nuda basically is, whilst not the most reliable beemer is not bad.
  6. Ouch, that looks like it got beat upside the face. Modern looking but not the best.

    K1300R is a beast of a bike with lots of cool parts but its heavy, Superduke is very capable, F800 is small in the flesh. What about a Speed Triple if you are looking at something larger? Ducati Streetfighter?
  7. Usually like the look of these type of bikes but that thing is fugly
    Just IMO
  8. They're a rip off compared to the Street Triple though, my local Triumph dealer is also Husqvarna dealer, I nearly fell over when the told me how much the Nudas were. The Nuda R is significantly more than the Street R, and I think you've only got to look at the numbers and every naked bike review for the last 5 years so see which is the better bike, with the exception of the very small minority who dont get on with the Streets
  9. Ones made in Thailand of course it should be cheaper.

    At least you wont be passing yourself on the nuda all the time.
  10. Theres a reason they're everywhere! Simply the best do it all road bike atm.

    The Nuda is a lot of money for an agricultural bike
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    Its only been out a year compared to the old Triumph, of course there is going to be more triumps.

    What makes it agricultural? Would you say the Tigers are agricultural as well?

    The Nuda R is 14kgs lighter (dry) than the Street R. That makes the Trumpy the agricultural pig its almost crusier weight in comparison. The Husky also has 1hp less but 32Nm more and uses less fuel.
  12. Yep I would indeed.

    They're just numbers on a page, ride the Triumph, myself, the other 1000000000000000000000 owners and every big magazine and website on the planet cant be wrong

    And you must have rocks in your head if you think 170kg is cruiser weight lol
  13. A mate of mine took one (900R) for a test, and came back determined to buy one (until his missus burst that ballon :LOL: )
    As he described to me: It's got some of the F800 characteristics but the 270 crank and extra cubes make it feel a LOT livelier than the donor bike. More low end grunt than a ST3. Still gets really good fuel consumption like F800, but a small tank. Really good shock and brakes, but the forks not quite up to the rest of the bike (not bad though).

    Definitely a weird looking thing, even by motard standards. If you like poking people in the eye with a metaphorical stick, this is your bike.
  14. Show me where the Triumph beat the Husky in a mag shootout?

    Owners can't be trusted to disparage their own bike, they have an incentive to talk it up so that resale values stay up.
  15. I don't own a Triumph...
  16. I was talking about the trillions of owners that you claim there is.

    By the way its 194kgs not 170
  17. Wish my cruiser weighed in at 170kg lol
  18. Sorry what? LOL

    People don't talk up their bikes for resale, people talk them up because they have good experience(s) with them. Holy conspiracy fcuk batman!

    The Nuda is really, REALLY ugly is all. I think resale will suck because its going to be a select few who are happy with that. The ST3 and the S3 are both very pleasing aesthetically and they are also a proven bike mechanically.

    The Triumph is almost universally loved as stated. Daytona is a brilliant track machine and a do-able daily because of the torque, the Street is a pared back Daytona for us weekend warriors and the Speed is a hooligan brute. All are benchmarks in their class.
  19. + 1 for the Nuda. I actually like the way it looks. A lot.

    I also like the street triples look but damn... those headlights (non-round version) and that cheap looking instrument panel... ruins it a bit... however just add a bikini fairing and they are lookin good again.

    Also as has already been said you will get lot's of attention (if that matters to you at all) because their isn't too many of them around.
  20. You really think people don't talk up there own bike falesly, what a joke. Go look over on Koriders what the owners think of hyosungs. It is human nature to talk up bikes you own.

    The triumph is only popular because it's cheap.