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Husqvana Trail Bikes - your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CBRSteve, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    I know stuff all about Husqvana's (except myaunt has a sewing machine).

    A mate is looking into them so I'd thought I'd ask you guys for your thoughts?

    Any good or do the run like a sewing machine? Do they have bobbin issues? (sorry - that was bad :D )

  2. From experiance, I have owned 6 of different sizes it is the Zig Zag stitch you have to look out for. They are a good thing what size are you looking at??
  3. Mate of mine is looking at a 250 or something a little bigger
  4. Husqvarna is a fine product. The company dates back to 1689!!! Yes, you read right and is one of the world's oldest manufacturing company.

    They have had an amazing racing history including highly successful road racers based on a large V-Twin motor similar to the contemprary Harly, only much more sophisticated. This was in the early part of the last century. Latterly they set the benchmark in dirt bikes and moto-x and enduro machines, winning multiple world championships in every class.


    They manufacture extremely high quality top-end dirt bikes and are renowned for reliablity and class.

    Unless the bike your mate is thinking of buying has been totally trashed, he can probably go ahead and buy with great confidence.
  5. Like any bike there are examples of problems.

    Someone I know purchased a 380 (???) about 8/9 years ago and had nothing but problems with it, I can't remember the details now but one thing that has stuck in my mind is that the triple clamps broke at the forks, particuarly nasty.
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  7. "I'm sorry, did you say you didn't see me, well how bout this"

    Oh yeah the dirt bikes.
    A top end bike, well equipped, begging to be riden fast and carrying a premium price tag.
    If your mate is just looking to bash around there's probably better value for money than a Husky elsewhere, but if he can ride well he can probably get the most out of one.
  8. I'm told they make gr8 sewing machines!
  9. I prefer their chaisaws :p

    They make good bikes, however I have heard of numerous recurring problems (dunno if the late, late models suffer too much tho). The triple clamps break and are hideously expensive to replace. Buy new, or something not far off new and I doubt your mate will have any problems. However I know how he can save 2-3 grand and not have any problems....buy a honda/kwaka/zook/yammie.