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Husband Ordered To Pay (ex)Wife For Lack Of Sex

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. A court in France has ordered a man to pay €10,000 ($13,500) in damages to his long-frustrated ex-wife after he failed in his marriage "duties" by withholding sex from her for years.

    In the May ruling, published on Tuesday in the Gazette du Palais judicial review, an appeals court in the southern city of Aix-en-Provence upheld an earlier decision to award the damages for "absence of sexual relations".

    The couple, who are both 51, married in 1986 and have two children. They divorced in Nice in January 2009.

    Advertisement: Story continues below The court said the man's wife deserved the damages due to the suffering she endured because of her sexless marriage.

    "The wife's expectations were legitimate in the sense that sexual relations between married people are an expression of their mutual affection and part of the duties that proceed from marriage," the court said.

    It dismissed the husband's argument that health problems and long working hours had simply reduced the opportunities for the couple to have sex.

    The court ruled that he had not proved "any health problems that would make him completely incapable of having intimate relations with his wife".

  2. Ha ha classic.
    Hold out on em! That's the go. I love it when they beg.

    As for wifey having to tell all. Wow, me thinks a few wifeys wont come back from that fishing trip.
  3. .... Be very careful grange!!... Is all I have to say...:angel:
  4. Strange double standard again?
  5. .... Yeah but we're talking about the French here!....8-[. Do they still have that law about crime of passion??...:bannanabutt:
  6. Well, all I can say is, if you is doing the sex bit right, you won't have a chance to talk, with your mouth full.... :rofl:
  7. G'day everyone,....

    So dose it work the other way around as well,....?
    Can a husband sue the wife/exwife for holding out on sex then,...?

    Dr Who?
  8. and assets
  9. Just remember my saying:
    A woman is never right, she is just ocassionally not wrong.
  10. Well, thats the thing. The last time I saw something comparable, it was about how a wife should have sex even if shes not really keen on it, to help with a long term stable relationship. It was decried as spousal ****. (By f*mininst bloggers, naturally)
  11. God, could you imagine the outrage if a husband sued the wife?
  12. .. There would have to be a special dis claimer for headaches!!...:D
  13. .....

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  14. Oooooops!!.....:D
  15. ... or alternatively.....