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Husband kicked me off, so I'm new!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by maplegum, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Yes, my husband kicked me off the back of his Buell. He has been at me for years to get my own bike and licence. After much resistence, I gave in. 48 hours later I had my own bike and was booked in for a 2 day course. My husband now says he has created a monster. Told him he should be careful about what he wishes for!:dance:

    I love the look of cruisers but to tell you the truth, I wouldn't know one bike from the next. I ended up with a near new 2007 Suzuki Intruder 250. She is very special and has looked after me well so far.

    Today was my 'maiden voyage'. I am so lucky to live in a state forest so the bike riding around here is amazing. I put 30 klms on her today winding through the mountains. I even got her up to 80klm/hour!:shock: How fun is that! My husband was so proud of me for getting straight out and into it.

    With tomorrow being such a beautiful day, another ride is in order. There is no shortage of riders around here either, most of my neihgbours have bikes. So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?

    I feel a little out of place here with such a large population of men on this forum and also in the hobby, but hey, I'm over it already.
  2. Welcome to NetRider, maplegum! Congrats on getting your licence and first bike! The Intruder looks great for a 250. :)

    A motorcyclist is a motorcyclist, great to talk to or ride with, regardless of gender.

    Having said that, there's several active women on this forum ... and several men who like to display the female icon in their status bar. :p
  3. Welcome to the forums!
    We're all the same here regardless of gender: trying to enjoy life on two wheels, whilst lunatic cagers/police/kamikaze wildlife try to ruin our day! ;)
    And unlike what Captain_Slow stated above, I as a male just prefer to use an avatar pic that's nicer than my actual mug-shot! :p
  4. Hi maplegum, glad to see you here, (from another lady rider). You say your hubby created a monster when he kicked you off the back of his, and thats exactly what happened to me. I became obsessed with bikes, with riding, that was 2 and a half years ago and I'm just as obsessed now! Good luck with your course, I know you will do fine, most of all, have fun, ride safe. Looking forward to hearing how things are going.
  5. welcome its for the better that hes kicked you off lol
    as you now know
  6. hey mate, welcome, what state are u from and is your husband on netrider?
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
    I'm from Victoria, I live in the Wombat State Forest, just a few minutes from Blackwood.

    My husband isn't a Netrider member. He really isn't into the whole 'forum' thing, although I'm sure he wouldn't mind taking a browse through the site.
  8. Welcome, as long as your on two wheels, Every thing else is irrelevant,
    Enjoy your new found freedom.
  9. Welcome! How does it feel riding it on your own compared to being a pillion?
  10. Welcome Maplegum :D

    I started riding about 18 months ago, was a dare actually LOL ..
    started out on my little Virago , upgraded a few months later to the GS500
    and now I'm getting out ther on the GSXR 1000 :angel: ,
    I met my partner here on Netrider ,
    he's been my mentor and has shown me so much ,could not have done this without him :D
    I still enjoy pillioning on the VMAX when we go on longgggg trips ,
    but not allowed to pillion on the gixxer anymore cause she's been modified for me :D

    We were actually up your way yesterday , damn those roads are bumpy !!!

    Enjoy the 2 wheeled freedom ;)
  11. Welcome. Enjoy and ride safe.
  12. Welcome to the nut house Maplegum!
    As everyone has said NR isn't really interested or biased in regards to what sex your are - they'll cheer and jeer you in equal measures when and where necessary :p - all that matters is your love of motorcycles and riding.
  13. Welcome Mrs Ma(r)ple!