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Husaburg out to screw the smaller dealers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VTRBob, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. We got an email today, stating - A new ordering system being implemented.

    All shops must preorder 12 months in advance stating delivery dates and models.
    once ordered you can not cancel and the bikes WILL be delivered as per your request, and you can't order any extras

    So lets say for arguments sake we order 1x 650 for every two months as showroom stock, but for some reason or other they don't sell as fast as we expected........ well thats just tough as your next order will arrive on the date you asked for regardless. ( we rang the importer to confirm our understanding of the email )

    So now we have two 650's to try and sell and it just snowballs from there, then we possibly get stuck with 3 or 4 of last years models that no one wants.

    For starters we can only fit 10 odd bikes in our show room inc the 2nd handies. So we only keep a select few on hand and order in if someone wants a non stocked bike [ which hasn't been a problem since its normally only 4 days from cust order to delivery ] :)

    Also if we get an order for a bike that we didn't plan on, we have to do a ring around to other dealers to see if they have one we can have :?

    The bigger dealers that have more diversity can absorb this type of deal easyier than us small frys.

    I thought it was the job of the IMPORTER to keep certain stock levels ??

    We'll wait and see but burg might be going out the door up here very soon :roll:

    Husky are harder to deal with but at least we can order ' ala cart ' from them :)
  2. Good way to run a business for THEM, they get the cashflow in and leave it up to you guys to carry the stock regardless of how popular the bikes might be :evil:

    Who is the importer, what other models do the cover?

    Are Huskys imported by the same mob that do MV Augusta (well for now before they start appearing in BMW showrooms)??
  3. Thats exactly the way we read it and confirmed it when we rang :evil:

    I wont name the importer just in case there is some backlash :wink:

    But they also bring in KTM's and as far as we can surmise the KTM dealers arn't getting this new system :mad:

    Ps: yup Huskys and MV Agusta are the same importer
  4. KTM bought Husaberg out didnt they? Seems strange to have two completely systems for each of their brands.
  5. Not too hard to find out :wink:

    That's a real b!tch, especially when KTM's are not under the same deal :?
  6. hmmm bargain shopping at the end of a slow month? All this will do is drive small shops to expand, stop carrying them and int he meantime it will drive down retail prices as dealers try to move stock quickly. Retail sucks big time. :evil:
  7. Mmmmmm sounds a little like the red machines as well. They want people to forecast their sales for the year and pre order the machines and when they want them to appear. Means the importer does not have to keep that much stock on hand to appease dealers. Meaning less money outlayed for the importer.
    Not good for the dealer though. :(
  8. Just wait until they do like the car manuf, and expand the model range by a factor of 5, and then expect you to carry multiples of each.

    Easy for stock holdings to go from 30 to 100 in 6 months.
  9. That's just poor inventory management and logistics, and goes completely against the Lean Manufacturing and Kanban principles espoused by the automotive industry.

    Tell 'em they're dreamin'. :twisted: No. Really. I mean it. :grin:
  10. That only works if they actually give a f

    Heh he, I have a marketing degree, this is how it should be done.

    twats in suits. If only they realisesd what damage they can do to a channel and brand.