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Hurt my back, and now I'm sad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. I hurt my back at work last Monday. Doctors were saying torn disk etc and I didn't even get any time off! Back on light duties and keep your chin up old boy, pip pip, tally ho etc...

    I was supposed to be going on a poker run this weekend and would have had a nice little 900km round trip + the run. I don't get to go on organised runs very often due to my living in the middle of nowhere. But I just don't know if the back is up to that yet esp riding the Trumpy loaded with gear and the wife on the back. :cry:

    After a week of Physio it's heaps better but I'm still in pain. Work cover is covering the doctors/physio but I can't go on Fire calls etc and it is really getting me down. The boys had a busy week last week and I can't even go.

    I can through the leg over a bike now and it dosen't really hurt sitting on the little GS but the Trumpy is another matter. The forward controls make my back feel a little funny. I'm scared I'll hurt it again and end up stuck somewhere as the wife dosen't ride and if I hurt myself then we're stuffed.

    I was thinking of just getting a kidney belt and just doing the ride as I don't really think I've torn a disk. If I had, I can't see it making an improvement in a week. The run is on Saturday and I have until friday to see.

    I'm sad :cry:
  2. I hope you have a quick recovery mate. Sometimes we get those hurdles in life that slow us down, but like they say "the tough times make us stonger".

    Maybe today is the time to do stuff around the bike - just not on one :) Have a good day and hope that back picks up :grin:
  3. Doggy,
    I hate to say it..but stay home, rest and get better. Back injuries completely suck and you need to be really careful with them. If you load up the bike, with the wife and put all that strain on your back, or even just bend the wrong way moving the bike you could end up a. stranded with the bike, not being able to ride it back due to pain or b. up for more months of pain due to doing more damage.
    One of our chicks on here, Kyzmos hurt her back bending over to hang out the washing (after an old back injury years ago) and she's had to under go surgery and months of pain.

    I personally wouldnt go ..but that's just me.
  4. Yeah mate, I had a shoulder injury recently. I was 95% and probably only needed to take it easy for a couple more days. Then I played a round of golf and took another 4-5 weeks to get over it.

    Take it easy and do the physio.
  5. Take it easy with ya back. You would hate to stuff it completely and make it so you can't ride again for an extended period or possibly ever again.
  6. I rode with a sore back from Sydney to Forster with a heavy backpack on. The pain was so incredible I had to pull over every 15 minutes to recover. It was the worst ride of my life. I don't recommend riding with a sore back.
  7. Yep, don't take chances with the spine, let it heal properly, or you may end up with something much longer lasting.
    Other joints can be rested and favoured, not the spine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Yep I've come to the same conclusion as everyone else. No riding for me :cry: . I don't want to stuff anything permanantly it's just such a shame about the timing.
  9. ditto ditto ditto
    There will be other rides but you only get one back......
  10. Maybe if you pillioned and let your wife dr... yeah, nevermind. Just stay off the bike for a while ;)