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Hurry up and Wait.........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mkey, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Went in during the week to my new local Ducati dealer here in Cairns and placed an order for a spiffy new S2R800 in the Red with white stripe

    No S2R 800 or 1000 models until November. Bugger!

    Now the waiting begins :tantrum:

    According to the dealer NFI concentrated on bringing in the 1098 and the HyperMotard, so Monster imports got put on the back burner.

    Oh well, time to start ordering all the flashy carbon and billet stuff :grin:
  2. Congratulations! New bike time is awesome :)
  3. Bit of a bugger about the wait, But all good things come to those who wait.
  4. is the importer really called NFI?

    lol @ no farken idea
  5. Neil Fraser Imports

    yeh NFI :roll:
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  7. Just be aware that if you look at the Ducati Monster List you'll be overwhelmed with the desire to start modifying your new bike the second it rolls through the door.

    On that note, be very cautious before you do any engine mods on the S2R. It and the 695 both run on the lean and warm side to meet Euro3 emissions regulations, have an o2 sensor and little ability to be tuned, this means that if you change the exhaust or airbox you can end up with the bike running poorly.

    The solution to this is to buy the Ducati Performance ECU, exhaust & airbox kit which isn't really much more expensive than 3rd party alternatives, but has to be bought as a job lot rather than being spaced over a few months.

    You'll love the S2R, it's a great bike.
  8. Thanks for that Bangalla, I've noticed the situation of which you refer coming up on a number of forums, but I'm mainly doing the cosmetic stuff, lots of carbon and billet stuff, then down the track I'll fit the Ducati ECU, airbox and Exhaust kit.

    This wait is going to kill me.
  9. I'm doing the same, cosmetic stuff for now and the DP stuff a little later. That said, it's amazing how much better my 695 runs now I've done 1000km and had the first service; the desire to grab performance upgrades has waned a little (but only a little).

    I test rode the S2R800 and really loved it, but the dealer only had the S2R1K and the 695 and I couldn't wait. I think that the extra torque that the 800 has would be nice at times, but I can cope with changing gears now and again.

    I've ordered Rizoma grips, bar ends and mirrors from the states, hopefully they'll arrive this week; I'll be sure to post some pics once they land.
  10. Cool, would love to see the photo's when it's done.

    Must admit I did go in to purchase the 695 myself, But I have always loved the single sided swing arm look, they have an 06 model 800 sitting on the showroom floor (orange with black stripe) So I jumped on and felt at home, I fell in love with the 800 there and then, and I figured the extra torque would be helpfull hauling my heavy arse around :LOL:

    there are almost to many trinkets and gizmo's to buy, it's bliss! :grin:

    Except or the bank account! :wink: