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Huntsman Spiders & Bikes.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rengel, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. I had the unfortunate event,of being greeted by a hairy huntsman, complete with white and brown stripes, located on the left faring near the handle bar AS IM REVERSING THE BIKE DOWN A BLOODY DRIVEWAY on Friday night.
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    ..I've never put the side stand down so quick in my life.

    They must have worked in pairs, as I went to put my Jacket on yesterday, before riding at night, look on my right shoulder... and thought to myself.. "I never knew the logo's on this Jacket were embossed?"

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Bigger, hairier (and scarier) :oops:

    Needlesst to say, I didn't really enjoy the ride home back to my house on the Monash last night, kept thinking one was going to creep out of the faring and into my pants! (or even worse under my helmet).

    (PS - I've had the bike undercover for a week, sitting in a garage in Ferntree Gully, I'm assuming Huntsmans love that side of town?)

    I don't mind moths, or small bugs BUT HUNTSMAN ARE JUST NOT NEEDED.
  2. they thrive on the speed..

    thats after they have taken their sip of V. :D
  3. lol, that's pretty freaky mate! you may wanna carry bug spray around from now on! haha

    at least a huntsman didn't crawl out from your helmet when you were riding.....i hate spiders!!!!!!!!!
  4. I mean, where the bike is located now is not really prone to spiders or insects, but is it worth using bug spray around the bike? NOT on it obviously... but just as pre-cautionary? Because I'm sh*t scared when it comes to things with 8 legs, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE BIG.

    "I'm cold and frightened"...

    I used to live in Perth, and it was 'Huntsville' over there, every corner you went in a house, you'd be putting money on it, that you'd find atleast one to spring out and change the colour of your pants.

    The only thing is, all my riding gear is black :( so it's difficult to see the little sh*ts before you gear up.

    BTW - when I started the VFR, letting it warm up with those Remus pipes.... aaahhhhhhh deyago I can' thank you enough ;) They just SOUND NUTS.
  5. Huntsman Spideys are soo kewl really, they are the best thing to have in ya home, as their name sugests, they hunt.

    they keep all the lil bugs/moths/flies under control in ya house.

    last one i had on my bike was at the top of the frankston fwy, he ran up over the top of my fairing screen, i simply grabbed him gently and since i had split lanes, i threw him onto the windscreen of the car next to me :p

    haha, i can be a lil bugger at times.........

    cheers ratty
  6. I took my SO for a ride afew months ago. Just outside of Whittlesea she starts bashing me on the back of helmet and neck. We pulled over... She reckoned there was a LARGE huntsman ran up between us on my jacket and was heading under my helmet. She reckons she saved us both - I hate to think what I'd done if it had got under my hat! :shock:
  7. i hope you didn't kill them, huntsmans are people too you know :(

    :LOL: i love the buggers, i keep a couple as pets, they're awesome fun to feed stuff to :D last one i had lasted near 4 years!

    freaky, but they're really gentle spiders unless you piss them off BADLY. i'd be more worried about them little white tails, they're aggressive as and can cause some pretty nasty stuff when they bite....
  8. spiders schmiders. Leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. It's not as though he's gonna run out fo the faring, up your arm and sink his fangs into your neck !

    If you do feel the eneds to eradicate it from this world, just remember, your boot will always win.
  9. Ah yes. Carried more than a couple of eight legged pillions over the years. They LERVVE bikes. At least they know how to lean with you in corners :p .
    Now who's going to tell the story about the guy in the sports car, next to the bike (I'm sure I heard it here). I love that one.
  10. No NO, I never kill huntsmen. But I do kill any white tail I see. At least we don't have Sydney FunnellWebs here yet.
  11. Screw that,if it's sitting on my bike, or on my jacket.
    I don't care if it wants to be pillion, it's coming off! With or without legs..

    I reckon they formed a committee meeting on Thursday night..

    "Right,now when he get's on his bike, starts his beast up, puts the leg over and goes to click it into gear, you run from the left up the faring onto his arm preventing him from hitting the clutch, and you right onto his arm so he has no brakes!"


    I think I need hypno therapy to stop being such a wooss, but I really do hate them :(
  12. Yeah funnel webs aren't too nice. We get ATLEAST 2 of them in the house everyyear. They are often encountered after rain. But the spiders that i REALLY dislike are mouse spiders. i caught one in the house last year. Now those bad boys give me the shivers. They are like a funnel web on steroids. They are the panzer tank, or mac truck of the spider world. They are simply just SOLID fcukERS!!
  13. fcuk :shock: I hate spiders. :evil:

    Oh well, time for a new bike then. :LOL:
  14. As a pratical joke at work once, some of the boys found a dead huntsmen.

    The put him on top of my mouse.

    I sat my desk, put my hand down onto the huntsmen, went that doesn't feel like my mouse. Looked, saw him.

    Amazingly, quickly and calmy, I picked him up, tossed him onto the ground and stomped on him.

    About half an hour later they came over wondering why they didn't hear the screams. I pointed to the squashed spider on the floor. Was when I found out it was a joke :)

    They thought I was ice man from then on, actually I was just too freaked out too panic :)
  15. It wasn't his bro...apparently huntsmans pair up for life (like blue tongue lizards) so the second one must have been his missus.

    I'm with coconuts, they're the best hunters in the house...and I could be wrong, but while we've got a herman and harriet living with us, we don't see any whitetails...absolutely zilch! Look after them, and they'll look after you. :D
  16. It must just be the hair on the legs, or the fact that they 'pop' up in the most unwanted places, and the most unwanted times!!!!
  17. Yeh I dont mind huntsmans around the house.. as long as they dont get too close to me. I dont kill them though, I just try and move them along.
  18. A few years ago Sarah and I are sitting at the intersection of Dandnong Rd and Warrigul Rd near Chadstone after having seen a movie. Suddenly she jumps of her bike, yelling for me to remain still and lunges over to brush a HUGE huntsman (or similiar) off my helmet - it was headed for my neckline :(
    The occupants of a car stopped beside us were apparently very amused. I was not :)