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Hunting in Oz

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Yank, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. With bow season for whitetail deer about to open here I was wondering what if any hunting is popular in AU? The only thing I have ever seen about it was shooting feral cats. Are there any big game animals that are hunted in Oz? If so what is the prefered method, bow, rifle, boom-a-rang?

  2. Politicians :rofl:
  3. Pig hunting is popular either with rifle, bow or dogs. Rabbit hunting is very popular with anything from .177 air rifle and up. I used to use a .308 target rifle for 200m+ rabbit shooting. Deer shooting is also popular when in season but you can only use a rifle of minimum caliber (.243)?
  4. If you use a bow to hunt deer you also must use at least 50lb bow +

    it is also advisable to join the Australian Bowhunters and pass their hunting proficiency test. Covers you for insurance then in case you shoot farmer jones' prize bull...or worse :?

    as for large gome not a lot.

    but theses are able to be shot in SOME areas and i stress some. local authorities can tell you more.

    Feral Camel
    Buffalo (NT only AFAIK)
    Feral Donkey

    other than those rabbit, fox pig, goat, cats etc are generally considered feral pests and are free game outside of urban areas with permission of the landlord.
  5. And kangaroos with the appropriate permits.
  6. Come over and start on our bogan population, please :LOL:.
  7. With boomerangs :wink:
  8. head north and kill some cane toads for us wouldya? i promise, they're big :shock: :?
  9. Yeah we don't really have much dangerous game.

    Use to do a lot of Kangaroo shooting, Emu, Duck, Rabbit, Fox, Hare. Use to eat most everything. (You don't really feel hungry after gutting a roo and seeing a big ball of worms come out). We don't really have much big game and about the most dangerous hunting I have ever done would be pig hunting with dogs and knives (even then we didn't get any real big ones).

    When the ass fell out of the Emu market a heap of them got let out in the state forest around home. About 150 of them. Emu's aren't native around home and open season was declared. Funny thing was the dick who let them out forgot they were chipped and got in a hell of a lot of trouble.

    On a side note when all the kids were working at the supermarket with there part time jobs I was selling rabbits to the butchers. $2 bucks a pop and I was usually getting about 30+ a day and still couldn't keep up with demand. Not bad for something I was doing even if I wasn't getting paid.

    As a kid I used to do a lot of camping and hunting. Where we would go away for a few weeks and eat what we hunted. Not so much anymore, There a a few things I would still like to go out hunting for.

    All my hunting was done with Guns. Mainly 22 for rabbits, 222/223's for longer range, or an old 303 (Turned sports rifle) brought back from the war when I could be bothered to make shells for it, or my favorite Browning semi auto 5 shot shot gun (which was handed in in the amnesty along with numerous other items (Pissed Off)).
  10. Definitely the boomerang
  11. You don't need a gun or a bow, just drink 10 Darwin Stubbies first, & then you'll be able to glass a croc with a broken beer bottle. :wink:
  12. Yanks and German Backpackers are pretty good value, jeez they are quick little buggers them Germans! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. +1

    ohh i'll lend you a slab of "green can" and a ACDC cd that will bring them in droves...
  14. Hunting, mate.. hunting.

    Baiting them takes all the sport out of it :p
  15. Shooting carp is popular, but rabbits taste better. Take all the bloody foxes you want. :)

    Don't bother shooting wombats. Tough little buggers, it'd probably only make them angry. :LOL:
  16. Clearly you've never been Funnel-Web hunting with toothpicks and a rubber-band, wuss :grin:
  17. ooh sounds like a party, can I come!

    Bogan and proud of it! :LOL: :LOL: :cool: :cool:

  18. Now, THAT'S a cull I'd get right into.
    Would a 7.62mm minigun be too much? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I had to go look this up... :p
    Bogan (pronounced /ˈbəʉ.gn̩/, rhyming with slogan) is Australian and New Zealand English slang, usually pejorative, for a person, or more often sub-human creature, who is, or is perceived to be uncouth, unsophisticated or of a lower-class background. According to the stereotype, the speech and mannerisms of "bogans" indicate poor education and uncultured upbringing. "Bogan" is mainly applied to white, illiterate, lower working-class people usually living in outer metropolitan or rural areas.

    It is open season on feral hogs here as well in most states I like a .243 or .270 for them, but occasionally I will take my AR-15 after them (.223) or my bow.
    I do alot of squirrel and rabbit hunting as well, usually with a .22. Coyote are another open season animal I like to use my AK for them for quick follow up. Besides 7.62 makes a really neat hole.

    radness, that awesome you hunting with a .303, I used to deer hunt with an 8mm Mauser converted to a sporter. It was sent home fromt the war by my wifes great uncle. Sorry to hear that you lost your firearms in the buy back. (YES THAT IS REALLY ALL I AM GOING TO SAY)
  20. Get fcuked! I'm alright an I talk gooder than I used'ter did! :cool: :LOL: