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Hunter to Melbourne and back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Greenmeanie69, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Last week I decided to jump on the bike and visit a mate in Melbourne who's having a health battle and needed cheering up. After 6 hours of rain I stayed in Canberra overnight at my brothers and then rode back across to the Hume and headed down to Melbourne the next day where normally I would continue through to Gippsland and then ride across. The Hume is the most boring and ass numbing ride imaginable , this is where we thank Steve Jobs for the iPod!

    I was riding with my tinted visor on the helmet I use on the CBR and had the clear packed in the Police Radio box along with the puncture kit and tools etc that are unlikely to be used. After several work related distractions that required lengthy stops at the side of the motorway to resolve I finally jammed the damn phone in the glove box and got on with my ride. The bad part being that I arrived at the outskirts of Melbourne on dusk and had to unpack the bike to swap visors! It then proceeded to rain so I could enjoy the slick tram tracks and poor Melbourne drivers. To add to that my GPS had accidently turned itself on somewhere down the Hume when I stuffed the phone ontop of it, with the charging lead buried (yes with the tools) I anxiously watched it flashing low battery as I navigated my way through the peak our traffic on a bike the size of a small car and with multiple closed roads and unsigned detours near my Richmond destination. Not the ideal finish for a trip!

    Luckily the return trip was a lot mote relaxing, I headed from Melbourne to Sale with my newly purchase Shoei Hornet to overnight at my mates empty house and then had a gentle and scenic ride back to Canberra with several stops for photos and rest breaks. The following day I arranged to drop in at my cousins in Goulburn for morning tea and convinced my brother to ride along on his new Honda NC700Sa which he bought a couple of months ago to re-enter riding after a 20 year absents. Played tail gunner whist he got back in the swing (only his second time on the bike) and by the time we arrived he was sweet. After a nice catch up he headed back to Canberra which from his email was an eventful ride lol, whilst I headed back to the Tilligerry Peninsula. The only issue on that was on Pennant Hills road when navigating to the F3 freeway (I refuse to call it the M1) when the NSW Police decided to close off lanes for there typical poorly planned games. This backed up traffic to a standstill on Easter Friday so I stopped at the Maccas to relax and had a nice chat with a member of the Veterans motorcycle club.

    After about 45min it was clear and then a quick 2.5hours home.

    It was a good trip but highlighted that I need to get the BMW's seat rebuilt! I actually took one of my mates cushions and put it under my seat cover. The new helmet was fantastic and suited the riding on the upright seating of the BMW and allowed the visor to be open to let air in when using armoured safety glasses.

    I have attached an array of photos which shows the seclusion on the trip and some of the stops. Sorry for the long winded explanation. SAM_1917. SAM_1920. SAM_1923. SAM_1926. SAM_1928. SAM_1933. SAM_1931.
    SAM_1935. SAM_1939. SAM_1944. SAM_1945. SAM_1956. SAM_1961. SAM_1964. SAM_1967. SAM_1970. SAM_1974. SAM_1977. SAM_1979. SAM_1984. SAM_1985. SAM_1988. SAM_1991. SAM_1994.
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  2. I am green with envy.
  3. Thanks Pod.

    It was a something I will do again. The spontaneous of it also added to the trip. (But never down the Hume again !)

    The BMW is perfect for such trips on the open road, it averaged somewhere between 4 - 4.5 lt per 100km which was amazing considering its weight loaded up. I would think your V-star should be around the same on such a run, I would also imagine that you'd also have a much more comfortable seat!
  4. I don't get the opportunity to do decent runs as I am my wife's carer. Best I have done was to Foster/Tuncurry and back. Seat was fine but I was only in it for around 3 hours and I would expect a similar economy. I would have thought the BM to be more comfortable but then I guess all bikes would get a bit harsh after a long ride. I used to ride a Suzuki 250 2stroke and that was uncomfortable on long rides but you could stand on the pegs for relief. Almost impossible on a cruiser.
  5. Nice Bike!
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  6. Thanks Rennsport,

    When I first purchased it I was a bit self conscious being an ex-police bike but it certainly has its benefits. The rear pod is so handy and obviously for long distance in remote areas the stronger spoke wheels reduce the chance of buckles which was the big selling point when I did my homework. Also it has the oil cooler fan that the civilian models don't so is able to stay slightly cooler idling in heavy traffic.

    I've always been a fan of the BM's and I see you have a beautiful model.
  7. That's a shame, but at least you do get out on occasion which is the important part along with that you still have a bike. Actually, the BM position does allow you to stand on the pegs on long cruises and I frequently do use that trick to get the blood circulating ,which comes from my days of owning a 1977 TS 250 Suzuki :)

    I suspect the seating issue is just age related , a bit from me..... but mainly the foam compressing, so a rebuild will fix that. The shape of the seat is fine and very comfortable over shorter distances.
  8. The Suzie I had was back in the early 70's in Malaysia. T250-II I had it new and rode from Butterworth to Singapore a couple of times (No freeway back then). Had another one back in Aust later on. I seem to remember a place in Melbourne (I think) that makes custom seats and I think they can have gel padding as an option. Could be worth a look if you intend to travel a bit. My discomfort is usually old age now and excessive weight on the cheeks.
  9. Sounds like an adventure! I am off on one from Brisbane to Wagga tomorrow for a week. Complete with 4wd, bike and dog :)
    I imagine you scare the hell out of some motorists when you come up behind them on the ex police bike :D
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  10. It can certainly be the magic carpet ride through traffic lol.
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  11. Nice write up and some awesome photos there...
  12. Oh dear, I wouldn't even ride the Hume if I was in a hurry, it's ghastly on a bike.
    Next time, down the Princes Highway to Bega, up Brown Mountain to Cooma, down to Jindabyne then over the top of the nation via the great alpine highway to Corryong, then a short hop down the Hume to Benalla, then off onto the Midland Highway and in to Melbourne via Healsville and the Black Spur....