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Hunter Spyder/Torino La Bora 250cc???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by acehigh353, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Has anyone heard anything about the Hunter Spyder or the Torino La Bora bikes. I'm trying to find a descent review but they are hard to come by. I've read alot of I don't like the looks of it. But that's up too a persons taste. Which isn't really helpful. My brother has a hunter but he's as helpful as tits on a bull on the subject, and has only had it a few months. With very little riding. The only thing he could tell me is that the turning circle is different to the instructors bike. Which is obvious by looking at it. I think he said he's learning on a scorpio 250. So if anyone has heard anything on them it be much appreciated.

  2. Both of these are Chinese bikes with vaguely European names. I have no specific information except that in general Chinese manufacturing of bikes is still a bit hit and miss. Not a lot of info out there on them I agree.
  3. I love the look of the Spyder but I sat on one at the motor show and found the seat very uncomfortable. These can be changed though. Wouldn't like to do my P's on one though as it might prove a bit difficult for the tight U-turn and cone weave.
  4. I've heard of some big bikes getting through the test. But if would be hard. Just easier to use the instructors bike.
  5. Do they, in their marketing, still go on about "Why would you buy Jap crap when you could ride one of these?" That outdoes Shannon's red blooded Italian.
  6. Yeah I thought they were Aussie made
  7. Chinese
  8. Yeah bizarre, if I remember rightly wasn't there some "issue" between the forum and hunter???
  9. I don't like the look of the hunter, i sat on one just to amuse the shop assistant who was trying to get me to buy one.. but it was quite uncomfortable..

    never heard of a torino la bora...

    why not go for a tried and tested bike? not an unknown.. probably shit bike..

    heaps of threads on here about first bikes.
  10. I've not ridden one, but I've ridden alongside one and thought it looked pretty cool. I like audacious little bikes. I would consider one if I was confident in the quality and looking for that sort of thing. But I'd be a lot more confident on a used XVS650, and they can be customised.
  11. Hasn't been an Australian motorcycle manufacturer for quite a long time now.
  12. Technically these are not pushbikes as they have too much power and are therefore motorbikes. They are made in Melbourne now.

  13. Yeah I'm looking at the Suzuki intruder as well. The reviews for that are okay.
  14. That be a alright bike but WA is a 250 limit for first year. The you can go for higher.
  15. Nah I'll pass. Lol
  16. Same applies to a mountain bike with an engine kit installed.
    Wow, those look really cool - I think I'll have to get one. cheap rego. i wonder if they can be registered?
  17. I dont think they have adr compliance.
  18. Hmm, a shame, really. But oh well - I don't imagine these would be the sorts of things cops would bother you about, but you'd be in pretty deep shit if you smashed into a Porsche or ran a ped down.
  19. I saw one barreling down oxford st sydney, he was doing a least 50.

    I reakon if you start pedalling you would get away with a lot. Crashes are the problem.

    If i lose my licence i am getting one.
  20. good idea, any idea how much they are? I reckon 5 or 6 grand