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Hunter S Thompson Story Continued

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, May 11, 2005.

  1. I was struggling to understand why he took his life the way he did even though I knew how eccentric the man could get. This story helps put it all in perspective, especially since the story he was about to write is based on a lot of facts (I've read a few very good and well documented articles) plus the fact that the Bush administration (past and present) are nothing more then corrupt warmongering scum.

  2. Oh, please

    Yeh, and Elvis is alive and working in a fish and chip shop in Eltham!!
  3. i wouldn't put it past the government, but if they could stoop as low as that, how come their buddy mr Moore is still walking?

    i dunno, could all be true, could be BS. none of us will ever know for sure i'd guess :?
  4. if you say it often enough

    Hitler said that if you tell people a lie often enough they will start to believe it is the truth.
    And if the conspiracy theorists who peddle this sort of crap get enough people to listen to it, maybe, just maybe, some people will be stupid enough to believe it....see my previous posting
  5. WTC

    Further to the above. I wonder how many people actually watched the WTC thing live on telly rather than edited highlights (lowlights?) afterwards.
    I did, and both buildings collapsed after bending drmatically in the middle and twisting over on themselves, consistent with the application of superheated aviation fuel to a steel framed building.
    They did not collapse from ground level as would have been the case if explosives had been placed in the foundations, and excavation proved that with many underground car parks being relatively intact except for the collapse of building material from above.
    AND, finally, are we to believe that the impact of a fully-fuelled, fully-loaded airliner DIDN'T cause enough damage to the building to make it collapse?
    Any number of studies afterwards indicated clearly that the terrorists chose fully-fuelled airliners because they knew that exploding jet fuel burns at hellish temperatures and would weaken the steel-framed buildings sufficiently so that they would collapse.
    Believe what you like, but don't substitute speculation for cold, hard fact.
  6. Re: if you say it often enough

    Take the war in Iraq. A suprisingly high amount of Americans still think that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 911 attacks. A sizable percentage still believe that WMDs were found.

    Exactly, a lot of governments around the world have dragged their populations into wars based on peddling the most suprisingly inept conspiracy theories.
  7. missing the point

    If anyone believes that Saddam was involved in 911 they are a fool because even the American government themselves have said that he wasn't.
  8. I saw a documentary a few months back about a French dude who had written a book about the WTC attacks and how they had been planned by the CIA. He stated that it wasn't the planes that made the towers collapsed but it was the CIA. This dude reckoned that the CIA planted explosives around the floors where the planes hit the towers and then set them off. This way it looks like the aviation fuel weakened the towers and brought them down, not the explosives.

    And now we have some dude saying that Hunter Thompson found evidence that there were explosives in the underground car park and they brought the towers down.

    Good to see that everyone seems to agree on the same thing. :?
  9. Don't you READ???

    Don't people read previous posts on this forum???
    The buildings DIDN'T collapse from ground level.....d'uh
    Read my previous post, please
  10. Re: missing the point

    But the seed was planted by continually stating that he was, then modifying it to that he was involved with Al Queda and was therefore an accessory after the fact. By the time they got around to admitting that none of it was true too many people had bought into it. The fact that the American Government then said that he wasn't involved becomes about as plausible as when they said he was.
  11. Sheesh

    OK, believe what you want
    There are none so blind as those that WILL not see.
  12. The baseline and crux of it is that none of us know...not enough to be as dogmatic as r36. You mention studies, the official ones into the collapse were actually very limited simply because the general consensus was that it was clear what caused the collapse. You mention the jet fuel just like the US Gov doctrine but the second hit saw the majority of that bust outside of the building cos it hit the corner. The buildings also collapsed in the same way demolitions happen with the use of strategic implosions.
    Anyway I was just saying there is motive and it is possible, people need to make up their own minds and not just what is fed straight to them through FOX, my story is as plausible as yours cos neither of us know for sure..hell the Bush admin got way more out of this then anyone else. You ever heard about the patriot act?? They could almost pass anything in the time of that crisis plus go after the man Daddy couldn't catch.
    Lastly the last author to bring up a lot of stuff on these guys also died in strange circumstances with a supposed "shoot out with authorities", he also wrote that he thought they would kill him soon. Have a read of Behold a pale horse by William Cooper.
    Why Moore is still around? Well he's probably a little too high profile and what he uncovers is detrimental to their campaign as apposed to these sort of theories which if proven true would turn not only the US but the world on it's head.
  13. Re: little moorey, i'd have gone with the fact that he spins so much shyte no-one beleives a word he says anymore :LOL: nothing like taking a half truth and turning it into a whole truth :?

    but yeah, i agree there was motivation there and it did work out in old bushy babys favor. but then, who in the fark would let that kinda thing happen unless they hated all yanks. i dunno, the truth will probly never be known one way or another, so we should all go play burnout 3 on the xbox......
  14. My point exactly!!