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Hunter S Thompson Biography (Biography Channel)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, May 19, 2005.

  1. To all Hunter S Thompson fans:

    For those with pay TV (Foxtel or Austar), the Hunter S Thompson biography is currently showing. I missed the first 40 mins. of it, but it will be repeated at 2130 on History 2 (the "time shift" History channel).

  2. Should have missed it all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. the truth hurts
    just like the asinine ravings of his sidekick michael moore (of whom there should be less), thompson's contribution makes barely a blip on the radar or importance or relevance
    just another self-absorbed self-promoter
    the fact that some sad people choose to give his stupidity any notice on the basis that he was a motorcyclists only shows how successful he was at deluding gullible people
  4. 1 saucer of milk coming up!
  5. Sir asinine, what you've just written above shows us just how little you know and how stupid you are. HST actually had a huge following and meant a lot to many, many people. But I gather your an expert sociologist who can speak for everyone on what is and isn't of relevance and significance to us :roll: Secondly he was more of a recluse then a self promoter and lastly what gives you the idea to assume that we like him because we think he was a motorcyclist? Just cos he had a soft spot for bikes and occasionally rode wasn't a factor in people liking him, he was an author so if he wrote garbage, bike or no bike people wouldn't like it. You of course may like to choose things on such simple principles but don't assume that we all do. I'd bet money that you have never even read one of his books. :roll:

    P.s Don't try so hard to overstretch your vernacular on the next response, asinine :LOL: BWAHAHAHA :LOL:
  6. Probably explains why the Biography channel went to the effort to do a story of his life.....
  7. jealosymuch? :LOL:

    "ooooh hunter S thomson was only popular cos he was a biker, i'm a biker, why arent i popular" :LOL: :LOL:

    jeez mate, i've been reading his shit for years, well before i started giving a peanut riddled shit about bikes. the guy was a top author and whether you agree with his views on the american government or not, THATS what he was known for. he was NOT known and loved as a biker and he was NOT known and loved as a conspiracy theorist. he just wrote good shit (and took good shit :D )

    seriously, you sound like a right farking wanker speaking out against a dead bloke because he happened to think differently to you, pull ya head in....
  8. My point exactly Coco...though there is one thing I'd change in your response: I'd simply replace "you sound like a right farking wanker " with "you are a right farking wanker" :wink:
  9. i agree with coconuts and padros,
    i have been reading HST for 5 years or so, and i've been riding since last october. the man's influence is far wider reaching than some people evidently realise.